May's Chapel United Methodist Church

The annual Kudzu Festival at May's Chapel Church
has something for everyone.
The day begins with a car show,
but the main attractions do not start until 3p.m.
There is the parade,
where you can show off your little "Kudzus"...
Or see this young lady for information on what to do with Kudzu.If you are nice,
she may even give you a sample of the wonderful Kudzu Jelly, Kudzu Fudge (yes, fudge!), or my favorite,
Kudzu Quiche.
There was also wonderful artwork on display. This work was done by John Hunsucker. He also had artwork in another section of the festival, that you could bid on.
No Kudzu Festival would be complete without the beautiful carvings of Roger Helms.
Roger not only carves "regular" wood, he also carves golf balls and of course, Kudzu vines.
This was only a portion of the items on display or for sale.
Of course, you have to have music. Here, Linda, John and friends entertain us with a light hearted song.
Even some four-legged friends get into the spirit of things. Could his name be Kudzu?
Between activities, you could enjoy homemade ice cream, funnel cakes, or stop by the tent and sample goodies from the church's cookbook.
If you wanted more of a meal, you could go for the BBQ chicken.
There were plenty of contests for the young and the young at heart.
If you were not the active type, there was also a hayride.
I almost forgot, there was also a "Kudzoo"!
If you have never been to the Kudzu Festival, it's worth checking out. With so many uses for this pesky vine, makes you wonder why it's not used more.
Thanks to everyone who enlightened us on the usefulness of Kudzu!
Maybe we will think twice before we break out the weed killer......

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