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Mary Jo Rathbone

MARSHALL -- Mary Jo Rathbone, 54, passed away Tuesday, Feb. 29, 2000 in a local solace center.
She was a native and lifelong resident of Madison County and was of the Baptist faith.  She was preceded in death by her son - Dwayne Davis; her father Hershell Rathbone; and her brother - Clyde Rathbone.
She is survived by her mother Laura Marler Rathbone; sons Charles Lee Davis and William Albert Davis, both of Marshall; sister's VIVIAN LAMB and EVELYN RATHBONE; both of Asheville; two brothers, Landon Rathbone of Asheville and Billy Jack Rathbone of Hot Springs.
The funeral services for Mrs. Rathbone will be conducted at 11:00 a.m. Friday in the chapel of Madison Funeral Home.  The Reverend Bud Marler will officiate.  Interment will follow in City Cemetery.



Name of Deceased:   Laura Launa Rathbone
Age at Death:   84
Birth Date:   abt 1920
Death Date:   Mar/14/2004
Newspaper Title:   Asheville Citizen-Times, The
Newspaper Location:   Asheville, NC, US
Obituary Publication Date:   Mar/17/2004
Locations Mentioned in Obituary:   Asheville; Madison County; Marshall
Other Persons Mentioned in Obituary:   Billy Jack Rathbone; Laura Mae Rathbone; Mary Joe Rathbone; Evelyn Rathbone; William Davis; Landon Rathbone; Charles Lee Davis; Herschel Rathbone; Virginia Lamb; Major Russell Wilt; Donald Lamb; Clyde Rathbone; Margaret


Name of Deceased:   Hershell Rathbone
Birth Date:   4 Oct 1920
Death Date:   Jun 1970
SSN:   240-28-0277
State (Year) SSN issued:   North Carolina (Before 1951 )


Original data: Heitman, Francis B. Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army, 1789-1903, Volume 1, Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1903

H. R. Rathbone, 22 Feb to 15 Mar 1869.
Who is this H. R. Rathbone?




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1 Elizabeth Rhea (1789-1853), married twice: First, (1812) Audley Anderson, (brother of Isaac Anderson who married her sister, Margaret); Second, Nicholas Fain. Children by first husband: (1) Fannie Rhea Anderson (1812-1856), who married 1830) William King McAlister, and had children: (a) John Audley McAlister, (died young); (b) Harry Hill McAlister (1833-1893), (married Maggie Shapard. Children: Frances Rhea McAlster (1806-), who married Morgan William Brown IV, and had children: Morgan William Brown VII (1894-), who married Minnie Bell, and had children: Morgan William Brown III, died in infancy, and Morgan William Brawn IX; Marjorie McAlister Brown (1895-), who married John Marshall Ewing, and had one child, John Marshall Ewing II; Harry Hill McAlister II (1864-), who married Maude Davidson, and had children: Maud McAllister (1888-), who married twice: First, --- Franklin; Second, --- Ebbert; Harry Hill McAlister III (1890-); Margery McAlister (1892-), who married Mark W. 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2 Margaret Rhea (1791-1883), married (1816) Col. Isaac Campbell Anderson (brother of Audley Anderson who married her sister, Elizabeth). "This family was born and reared in a house in Scott County, Virginia, which was formerly used as a block house and fort against the Indians. It was bought by Joseph Anderson, father of Isaac Anderson" (Seldon Nelson, Knoxville Sentinel, 1908). Margaret Rhea had children: (1) Rebecca Maxwell Anderson (1818-1893), who married Joseph Newland, and had children: (a) Martha Newland (1836-1911), (married William A. Dooley. children, Currell; Ruth; Charles; James Isaac Andes, and had children: J. Earnest (1890-), Mary Lynn (1891-)) and George Andes (1894-); Rebecca Dooley (1862-1916), who married J. Wright Hoss, and had children: Margaret, J. Wright Hoss II, Stanton M. and Dooley; Joseph March Dooley (1864-1906), who married Bell Thoma, and had children: Maude, who married Leb Harding, Martin and Joseph Dooley II; Nellie Dooley (1872-), who married John R. Snow, and had children: Nellie Martha and Joseph); (b) Martha Jane Newland (1838-1914), (married Charles Robertson Vance. Children: James Isaac Vance (1862-), who married Mary Currell, and had children Currell; Currell; Ruth; Charles; James Isaac Vance II. James Isaac Vance is a minister of the Presbyterian Church. He is pastor of Grace Church at Nashville, Tennessee; Joseph Anderson Vance (1864-), who married Mary Forman, and had children: Dorothy, Mary and Joseph Anderson II. Joseph Anderson Vance is a prominent evangelist of the Presbyterian Church; Charles Robertson Vance II; Margaret Jane Vance; Rebecca Malinda Vance (1874-), who married Charles L. Hendrick. And had children: Margaret and Mary); (c) Eliza Barbara Newland (1840-1912), (married William Powell Duff, Children: Joseph Newland Duff (1869-), who married Nettie Delila Young, and had children: Lelia Rhea (1891-), who married Clifford E. Maze; William Vastine (1893-), who married Blanch Irene Hunt; Ralph Tyler (1900-); Carrie Anita; Powell Rhea Duff (1870-), who married May Richmond Youny, and had children: Edith Viola, Rebecca Elizabeth and Paul Eugene; James Emmett Duff (1872-1911), who married twice: First, Mary Ellen Asten; Second, Virginia Rush. Children by the first wife: Vera Eugenia (1896-) and Robert William (1897-); By the second wife: James Emmett Duff II, Guy Rush, Cecil Harold and Joseph Davidson; William Forest Duff (1875-), who married Cora Wood, and had children: William Wood, James Fred, Robert Rhea and Mary Lyde; Robert Cecil Duff (1877-), who married Martha Thompkins, and had children: Barbara and Charlotte Mace; Rebecca Elizabeth Duff; Guy Duff (1880-), who married Stella Shepherd, and had children: Willis Powell and Lucile; Mace Duff (1883-), who married Dr. William S. Gray, and had children: Joseph William and Robert Cecil); (d) Isaac Anderson Newland (1842-), (married twice: First, Martha Lewis; Second, Nannie Vance. Children by first wife: Joseph Henry Newland (1867-), who married Nannie Elizabeth Hensley, and had children: Ernest Wolsey (minister of Presbyterian Church), Joseph Mitchell (1893-), Matlie Anderson (1894-), Clarence Frances (1897-), James Lacy (1899-), Charles Logan, William Isaac, Annie Lee and Kate; Hugh Mitchell Newland (1870-), who married three times: First, Lynn Stewart; Second, Nastings Perry; Third, Laura Carter Sandidge. Children by first wife: Emmett (1893-), Joseph Anderson (1895-), Maxie Jayne (1896-), who married Joseph Dorton Cox, Samuel Rhea (1898-), Hugh Lynn, Vernon Ross, Mabel Angeline and Robert Rhea. By second wife one child, William Perry. By third wife one child, James Dobyns; Mamie Newland (1874-), who married. W. Houser; Carey Newland (1876-), who married J. A. Jayne, and had one child, Sarah Francis; Maxwell Newland (1889-)); (e) Ellen Anderson Newland (1844-), (married James P. Doggett. Minister of Presbyterian Church. Children: Lida Beatrice Doggett (1873-) who married Nicholas Peter Ernest. Children under Nicholas Peter Earnest; Rebecca Hall Doggett (1875-); Fan Lin Doggett (1877-), who married Walter Reeve Earnest, and had children: Walter Reeve Eearnest II, Robert Doggett and Martha Beatrice; Joseph Newlad Doggett (1879-), who married Cora Leftwich; Margaret Eleanor Doggett (1885-), who married Samuel Rhea Earnest, brother of Nicholas Peter Earnest. (Children under Samuel Rhea Earnest)); (f) Joseph Mitchell Newland (1847-), (married Judith Lesley. Ohildren:) Rebecca Newland (1876-), who married Rev. R. H. Taylor, and had children: Joseph Harold, Mary Newland, Ruth Lesley and Hubert Vance; Allie Newland; Lesley Newland; Joseph Newland); (g) Fannie Anderson Newland (1849-), (married Elkanah Dulaney Pence. Children: Martha Ellen (1886-) and Joseph James (1888-)); (h) Samuel Anderson Newland (1852-) (married Helen Brown. Children: Margaret Rebecca Newland (1887-), who married Albert Pendleton Henderson, and had one child, Albert Pendleton Henderson II; Joseph Newland (1888-); Mary Eleanor Newland (1890-); Stella Rhea Newland (1892-); Vance Newland (1896-); Helen Brown Newland (1899-); Nathan Newland (1902-)); (i) Robert Rhea Newland (1860-), (married Elizabeth Wolford. Children: Lyndsay Wolford Newland, M. D. (1887-), who married Agatha Gregg; Lydia Rebecca Newland; Grace Newland (1892-); Lois Salome Newland (1897-)); (2) Joseph Rhea Anderson (1819-1888), who married Malinda Williams King. Joseph Rhea Anderson was a banker and merchant of Bristol, Tennessee, in fact the founder of Bristol. He had children: (a) James King Anderson; (b) Sarah Ann Anderson; (c) John Campbell Anderson (1850-1913), (married twice: First, Annie Anderson; Second, Fannie Williamson. Children by first wife: Audley King (1878-), Joseph Rhea, Alice Melinda, Florence Alexander and John Campbell. By second wife: Margaret Williamson, John Campbell, Thomas Parrish and Robert Banks); (d) Margaret Micajah Anderson (1857-), (married John Henderson Caldwell. Children: Margaret Melinda Caldwell; John Henderson Caldwell II (1882-), who married Genevieve Rice, and had children: Margaret Rice and Genevieve; Joseph Anderson Caldwell (1884-), who married Isabella Hawley, and had children: Joseph Anderson and John Henderson; George Aiken Caldwell (1887-), who married Harriet Parish; Walter McFarland Caldwell; Mable Caldwell (1893-); Almedia Brooks Caldwell (1896-)); (e) Isaac Samuel Andersn (1854-), a minister of the Presbylerian Church. (married Ollie Gibson. One child: Nancy Melinda (1894-), who married John Frank Kincaid, and had one child,, John Frank Kincaid II); (f) Joseph King Anderson; (3) John Anderson; (4) Audley Anderson (1822-1894), married twice: First Cornelia Alexander; Second, Mrs. Jane Preston Vance, nee Rhea, his cousin. Children by first wife: (a) Annie Anderson, (married John Campbell Anderson, son of Joseph Rhea Anderson and Melinda (King) Anderson. Children under John Campbell Anderson); (b) Alice Anderson, (married Rev. A. S. Newman); (c) John P. Anderson, a minister of the Presbyterian Church, (married Roxie McCoslan); (d) Audley S. Anderson; (e) Alexander Anderson (1856-), (married Elizabeth Rhea, daughter of Theoderic Bland Rhea and Frances Elizabeth (Rhea) Rhea. One child: Audley Rhea Anderson (1881-), who married Bertha Eleanor Short, and had one child, Audley Rhea Anderson II); (f) Campbell Anderson; (5) Dr. Samuel Anderson; (6) Fannie Anderson (1824-1874), married James Hughes, and had children: (a) James Hughes II; (b) Margaret Hughes (-1893), (married John Mongle. One child, Josephine); (c) Mollie Hughes (married Thomas Mongle, a brother of John Mongle. Children: Margaret and Fannie Rhea); (7) Eliza Anderson (1826-1890), who married David Carr, and had children: (a) Aaron B. Carr, (married Mrs. Angie Dodd. Children: Edith, Laura and David); (b) Margaret R. Carr, (married twice: First, William Rockhold Rhea, (son of William R. Rhea and Mary Ann Mosley (Rockhold) Rhea), no issue. Second, John Mitchell Fain, (son of John H. Fain and Fannie Anderson (Rhea) Fain). Children under John Mitchell Fain); (c) James W. Carr (-1886), married Woodie Johnson. Children: James and Alda); (d) William Carr; (e) Joseph Carr; (f) Jennie Carr, (married --- Baldwin, and had children: William Lusbrooke and Margaret Rhea); (g) Lucky Carr; (8) Sarah Anderson (1827-1906), married Henry S. Kane, and had children: (a) Margaret Kane (1856-), (married James M. Barker. Children: Lucile (1880-), Sarah (1885-), James M. Barker II (1888-), Henry Neville (1892-), and Margaret Kane (1894-)); (b) Hannah Kane; (c) Henry S. Kane II (1860-), (married Francis A. Koiner. Children: Henry S. Kane III (1885-); Patrick Lee Kane (1887-); Letcher Kane (1888-), who married Pearl Potter; Estelle Kane (1893-); Elisha Kent Kane (1895-), who married Eula MacGaven; Jane Kane (1897-); Katherine Kane (1899-); Julian Kane (1815-)); (d) I. Patrick Kane; (e) Robert Rhea Kane (1868-1901), (married Josephine Edmonds. Children: Robert Rhea Kane II (1894-) Esther Kane (1895-) and Sarah Kane (1898-)); (9) Caroline Anderson; (10) Mary Anderson (1830-1877), who married Jesse R. Earnest, and had children: (a) Mattie Earnest, (married George F. Robertson. Children: Paul D. Earnest, Lynn, Jesse, Robert, Carl William and George Oliphant); (b) William A. Earnest, (married Florence Donelly. Children: Jesse, Robert, Carl King, Joseph, William, Charles and Samuel Rhea); (c) Isaac Earnest, (married Minnie Mirl. One child, Charles); (d) Walter R. Earnest; (11) Isaac Campbell Anderson (1832-), who married Nannie Stewart; (12) Jane Anderson (1833-), who married William Stewart, and had one child, Linn Stewart, who married Hugh Mitchell Newland, (son of Isaac Anderson Newland and Martha (Lewis) Newland). Children under Hugh Mitchell Newland.


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