Post Offices of Macon County  -  Past and Present
                            The following old post offices were located in these townships:


Post Office Names


Burningtown, Tellico


Crawford, Harris Mill, Pineland, Nonah, Rainbow Springs, Roan's Mill, E. L. Slagles, Terresita


Blithedale, Cowee, Etna, Jenkins, Leatherman, Parrish, West's Mill


Cullasaja, Ellijay, Higdonville, Wilkes Store

Flats Flats, Scaly
Franklin Town of Franklin, Iotla, Knoll, Leeds, Prentiss, Skeenah
Highlands Highlands, Shortoff, Victoria
Nantahala Aquone, Duvall, Kyle, Flats, Lookout
Millshoal Dean, Eulalie, Jerd, Millshoal, Rocky Face
Smithbridge Orlando, Otto, Tryphosa
Sugarfork Alonzo, Bell Haven, Gneiss, Scroll, Shookville

The locations of the following post offices are not known:

  •  Bristow,

  • Chaska,

  • Hitchcock,

  • Fork Mountain,

  • Fouts,

  • Frosty,

  • McConnell's Store/Sandy Bottom,

  • Niyohih,

  • Okakona,

  • Rock Dale,

  • Rocky Face,

  • Sardinia,

  • Raby

If you know of the location of these or names that are not listed, please let me know via E-mail . Thank You!
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