John Addington to Jesse Ledford, 1837

Allen & Dora Angel to M.E. & J.W. Frazier, 1914

Luke Barnard to Andrew Barnard, 1829

J.P. & Mary Bradley to W.A. & Cora Foster, 1906

Mark Burrell to Charles Woodring, 1838

J.L. & S.E. Cabe to M.E. Frazier, 1908

Avelina Carpenter to Laban Long, 1840

David Carpenter to Zebulon J. Thomas, 1840

Marcus Daves & John Roper to Henry Hartman, 1859

H. Davis Dean, Sheriff to W. A. Foster, 1908

William Dodgen to David B. Ledford, 1839

J.D. Dryman to Samuel Foster, 1857

Alfred Foster to John Foster, 1873

A.P. & Alice Foster to W.A. Foster, 1917

A.P. & Alice Foster, W.A. & Cora Foster to J.M. Foster, 1902

J.M. & Delia Foster to W.A. Foster, 1912

John & M.C. Foster to A.P. Foster, 1900

John & Mary C. Foster to Martha C. McClure, 1888

W.A. Foster to T.J. Foster, 1920

W.A. & Cora Foster, M.C. Foster to T.J. Vinson, 1918

W.A. & C.M. Foster to Tallulah Falls Railway Company, 1917

M.E. & Mary J. Frazier to J.W. Frazier, 1913

Daniel & Mary Guy to John Foster, 1868

State of NC to Benjamin Hide, Jr., 1838

Hurst Land Records

Elijah Johnston to George Dickey, 1840

M.H. & R.H. Norton to John Foster, 1882

State of NC to John Lowry, 1838

Henry Moss to John Corbin, 1839

Thomas W. Oliver to Samuel Foster, 1855

James & Elizabeth Pack to Alfred Foster, 1866

David Peake to John Lamm, 1828

Jonathan Philips to Thomas Ammons, 1829

Abram Picklesimer to John Hooper, 1835

Abraham Picklesimer to Watson, Wilson & Benson Picklesimer, 1834

James Madison Ritchie Land Records

State of NC to Joseph Roland, 1836

State of NC to William Roland, 1836

Jesse Saunders to Jesse Ledford, 1832

Jesse Standredge to Jesse Saunders, 1832

Benjamin Stiles to David Carpenter, 1839

Nathan B. Thompson to William H. Thompson, 1841

James Whels to William Carpenter, by Thomas Long, Deputy Sheriff, 1833

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