John Wilfong, Sr.’s 1819 Tax Return


Kathy Gunter Sullivan, Volunteer Transcriber, 10 September 2007

Lincoln County Tax Lists; Box no. CR.060.701.4, North Carolina State Archives

Transcription of 1817-1840 Lincoln County Tax Returns is made possible by Alta Mitchem Durden.



John Wilfongs Tax Return for the Year 1819

  1 White pole for John Wilfong Jr

11 Black poles my own

  2 Stores

  3 Lots in Lincolnton


Land where I Live on             240   Value   $1800.

Joining Bolick and Fulenwider                        190   200.

Joining J Angel                     488                 2500.

Crowder Town                       226                    300.

Joining Fisher                        100                      50.

Joining Dietz                         110                       55.

Joining P Whitener               240                    100.

Joining Pits & Vaughn           339                    169.50

Joining Shufords etc            339                    178.

                                               2272                5352.50


1 gate on the Road Leading to Morganton

Dito [as] Gardian for David Ring 111 [acres valued at] $55.50

Dito [as] Agent for M Fifer 1600 [acres valued at] $3200.00

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