Assessment of John Tessier Esqr for the Year 1819


Kathy Gunter Sullivan, Volunteer Transcriber, 2 October 2007

Lincoln County Tax Lists; Box no. CR.060.701.4, North Carolina State Archives

Transcription of 1817-1840 Lincoln County Tax Records is made possible by Alta Mitchem Durden.


State of North Carolina, Lincoln County} Whereas I was

Summoned by the Sheriff of Lincoln county

to assess the land of John Tessier of Baltimore

which lands lies in Lincoln County I therefore

make the following assessment


on tract patent No 850 Containing 6800 Acres

on the waters of Kings creek and Clarks fork

The waters of Broad river, & the waters of

Crowders creek waters of the Catawba River Joining

lands of Saml Blackwood, Widow Graham John Falls

Arthur Patterson Jun John Dickson James Karr

Andrew Ferguson John Wilson & Nathan Mendenhall

Which tract I deem worth 5 cents per Acre

Amounting to                  $340.00


another tract N852 Containing 4292 Acres

in Said County on the waters of Haggins fork of

Lyles creek on the waters of Falling creek & Balls

Creek, Joining lands of James Wilson, Matthew

Wilson, James & Wm Caldwell, John & Bernard

Snider David Ramsy’s now Maxwell Wilson &

Several others I deem worth 10 Cents per Acre

Amounting in all to            $429.20


another tract of 4904 Acres under Patent

N854 Situate on the waters of Buffaloe & Indian

Creeks, Joining lands of John Mull, John Orr

Senior & Junior, Aeres Winters, Samuel Carpenter

Jesse Kuckendall, Jean Hogshead, Henry McElroy

Ambrose Bonham, James Johnson Thomas Robison

Leonard Piles, William Harbinson, Hafner Solomon Deitz

Widow Pilgrim, David Ramsey & others

I assess at 10 Cents per Acre

Amounting to              $490.40


Another tract of 1910 Acres under Patent N808

lying on the waters of the South fork & clarks creek

and both sides of the road leading from Lincolnton

to Morganton Joining lands of Francis Ring, Mathias

& Tobias Peterson, and several others I deem worth

20 Cents Per Acre, Amounting to      $382.00


and lastly another tract of 2000 Acres under

Patent N865 on the waters Indian Creek

& Head waters of Buffaloe Joining land

of Absalom Bonham Wm Chambers, Jacob

Bullinger & Several others I consider worth

16 Cents Per Acre Amounting to $320.00


The Quantity I find is 19006 Acres which

I make worth $1961 & 60 Cents

for the year 1819

          Given under my hand this

          15th May 1820

             Maxwell Wilson

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