Land Attached for 1820 & 1821 Taxes


J. E. Williams, Volunteer Transcriber, October 2007

Lincoln County Tax Records; box no. CR.060.701.4 North Carolina State Archives

Transcription of Lincoln County Tax Records 1817-1840 is funded by Alta Mitchem Durden.


State of North Carolina

Being summoned by the Sheriff of Lincoln County to Assess Several tracts of land by him Advertised for sale in the Western Carolinian of the 17th September 1822 to satisfy the taxes for the years 1820 & 1821 I have Accordingly assessed the several tracts as follows Viz


100 Acres (owner not known) commonly called Roriks

taxes for paid by or for Asel Cross, which joins

George Harman Loville & Potter waters of Long Shoal

creek I note worth fifty cents per acre $50.00


125 Acres belonging to the heirs of James Wilson on waters

of Potts Creek Joins lands of Jacob Shuford Danl

Conrads lands & others worth one Dollar per Acre $125


200 Acres lying on naked creek joins lands of William

Koons & others worth one Dollar per Acre $200


83 Acres Joins John Null, George Isenhour & John Cline

& Peter Rowe, waters of Snow creek & long Shoal creek

belonging to [omitted forename] Rhyne granted by a one hundred Acre

Patent but Interferes with older titles which leaves

but eighty three Acres worth one Dollar per Acre $83


300 Acres belongs or was granted to John Jarret on the

waters of Maiden creek & Pinch Gut Joins lands of

Henry Sides Danl Bollinger, James Haynes & George

Lutz worth fifty cents per Acre $150


100 Acres on Jacobs River, Joining lands of Joseph Johnson

& others worth fifty cents per Acre $50


7 Acres of land adjoining lands of John Wilfong

on his mill branch I deem worth $15


Given under my hand 24th September 1822, Maxwell Wilson


[Cover:] Assessment of land for John Coulter [the Sheriff]

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