Green’s and Huffman’s Companies, 1832

Insolvents and Removeds


Kathy Gunter Sullivan, Volunteer Transcriber, 3 August 2007

Lincoln County Tax Lists; Box no. CR.060.701.5, North Carolina State Archives

Transcription of 1817-1840 Lincoln County Tax Lists is made possible by Alta Mitchem Durden.

[Transcribers Remarks: The year of this undated report was determined by comparing these names with those recorded in Capt. Huffman’s 1832 return.]

 Insolvents in Capt Huffmans Company



Capt Huffmans Company


Esqr. Boldwin

Hugh Bell

John Castner

John Clen [Glenn] Removed

Wm Cox

Wm Clemer Sr

Wm Clemer Jr

John Gardner

John Heldan [Helton]

Samuel Hoskins

Michal Hovis

Burel Hoyl

Elisha Jenkins

Isaac Jones

Alexander McCarver

Wm Olliver

Elisha Perkins

Samuel Redman

John Spencer

Jonathan Fronebarger

Joel Weathers


[Total:] $9.45


Greens Company


Joseph Beason

James Foy

Joseph Gladen   Removed

Thompson Gladen

Lewis Morris

Joseph Person  Removed

Isaac Spurlin   Removed


[Total:] $3.15


[Grand] Total $12.60

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