Election Tabulation; undated; probably 1818

Kathy Gunter Sullivan, Volunteer Transcriber, 10 September 2007
Lincoln County Tax Lists; Box no. CR.060.701.4, North Carolina State Archives
Transcription of 1817-1840 Lincoln County Tax Records is made possible by Alta Mitchem Durden.

[This document is not a tax return; it is a fragment of an election record for one district only. The reverse of the paper, which was not provided, carries considerably more information. The election was conducted in 1818 probably as Peter Hoyle’s single term in the North Carolina Senate was in 1819. Daniel Conrad and Robert Williamson served in the House of Commons that year.]

Senate } Peter Hoyle 50 [votes]
John Ramsour 39 [votes]

Commons} Saml Wilson 129 [votes]
Danl Conrad 63 [votes]
Robt Williamson 17 [votes]
Isaac Holland 18 [votes]

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