1805 Delinquent Taxpayers

Kathy Gunter Sullivan, Contributor

Lincoln County Taxes; Miscellaneous, box no. CR.060.701.4,

folder label “no date,” North Carolina State Archives.



Abraham Davenport and Jesse Featherston Sr. were not delinquent in reporting their taxable property; thus, they were stricken off the list. Through an error of Robert Alexander, the recording Justice of the Peace, their reports were misplaced; see the explanation with Captain Scott’s Company list for 1805.


On the reverse of this paper is a summary of 1805 District Statistics, which I have transcribed separately.

A List of those who being summon[e]d by a Constable did no[t] Return their taxables according to Law viz

Joseph Johnson

Jacob Fisher

Benjn Whitner

Capt Abram Scott

Abm Devenport

John Mayberry

Geo Dameron

Thomas Dameron

Edwd Boyd

John Bonham

Humphrey Hunter

Saml Marten

Matthew Gaskins

John Gaskins

William Moore

George Oliver

Peter Carson

Jesse Featherston Senr

Jesse Featherston Jnr

James Smith

Jno Smith

Fredk Best


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