Adjustments of 1836 Tax Returns


Kathy Gunter Sullivan, Volunteer Transcriber, 20 March 2008

Lincoln County Tax Lists; box no. CR.060.701.5, North Carolina State Archives

Transcription of 1817-1840 Lincoln County Tax Records is made possible by Alta Mitchem Durden.


[These records all concern the 1836 tax year. Double lines indicate separate documents.]


Insolvents for 1836 Companies of Rhyne, Bost, and Blackburn


A list of insolvents for 1836. Jno R. Stamey’s Return of Insolvents

[John R. Stamey is a Deputy Sheriff.]


A list of insolvents and Removed and Misstakes in the tax lists in Rines and Bost and Blackburns Compeneys for the Year 1836


In Rines

John G. Kener 160 acres $500 1 white pole


Philip Barnet 1 Pole Removed


William Self a misstake of a pole




In Bost Co.


Margret Wilson misstake of one Black Pole More than she had




In Blackburn Co


Janes Boyd 1 Pole None Such a Name in the Compeny



Amt of $3.10   J R Stamey DS [signature]

         Sworn To



A Return of Taxes Insolvent for the year 1836


Henry Gant one poll


Henderson Gilliland one poll


Johnson Jones one poll


Haywood Huneycut one poll





J. Lowe D[eputy] S[heriff]

Sworn To.



J Bost DS Return of the Insolvents to Sept Sessions 1837

[Bost is a Deputy Sheriff.]


Insolvents and Not Found





Poll Tax


Henry Benfield







Peter Holler







Henry Huffman







Robert M Shuford







Daniel Humphreys







N. Medlane







Andrew Cloninger







Wm B Green







Caleb Connly







Lawson Killian















Sworn to [before] H Cansler Clk

Johnathan Bosts [Return]




B. Morrises return of Insolvents or removeds out of the county


Gaston’s Company


Cephus Arnd one poll


David Cox one poll


And A Elliott one poll


Henry Hovis one poll


Capt Thos Rhyne one poll




Burnets Company


A. J. Burnet one poll


Jno Beard one poll







Sworn to 7 Sept 1837 [before] H[enry] C[ansler, Clerk of Court]


[Cover:] Benj. Morris’ Return of Insolvent Taxables



A True List of Remooved Pool Taxes for the Year 1837 Returned by Me


Jeremiah Cook one white poll $0.45

Johnatha Throneburg one white poll $0.45

Micheal Petree one white poll $0.45

Ruben Perkins one white poll $0.45

Luke S Davis one white poll $0.45

John Graham one white poll $0.75

[Total:] $2.75


Sworn to [by] Ephraim Mauney [signature]



List of Insolvent or Removed Taxables

[This is Clerk of Court Henry Cansler’s list compiled from various reports handed in by Deputy Sheriffs.]


State of North Carolina, Lincoln County} Sept Sessions 1837

The Deputy Sheriffs Report the following as Insolvent or Removed Taxables

Witness H Cansler, CC


James Endsley

Arthur Harden

Wm Wilkie

Henry Benfield

Robert M Shuford

N Medlame

Wm B Green

Lawson Killian

James Boyd

Davd Cox

Henry Hovis

A. J. Burnett

Henry Gant

Johnson Jones

Jer. Cook

M. Petrie

Luke S. Davis

Wm Self 1 pole over Charged

Robert Harden

Wm Lowery

Hugh Patterson

Peter Holler

Danl Humphries

Andrew Cloninger

Caleb Collins

Philip Barnett

Cephus Arnd

And A Eliott

Thos Rhyne

Jno Beard

Henderson Gilliland

Haywood Hunnycut

Jonn. Thronberry

Reuben Perkins

Jno Graham

M Wilson 1 pole over Charged

Henry Hufman



Insolvent and Removed Taxable Property

[This is another list compiled by the Henry Cansler, Clerk of Court.]


State of No Carolina, Lincoln County} September Sessions 1837

The following is a List of Insolvent & removed Taxable property as reported by the various Deputy Sheriffs of the County aforesaid


James Endsley Removed

Robert Harden Insolvent

Arthur Harden Dead

Wm Lowery Removed

Wm Wilkey Removed

Hugh Patterson Insolvent

Henry Benfield Removed

Peter Holler Removed

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