Thanks to Nancy Cason, we have a picture of the old OAK GROVE SCHOOL.
The picture is of the classes taken earlier in this century of the two-room school.


Following are the names that my Dad gave me in 1994, when he was 86 years of age (starting at the top):
Row 1:  Lex Ramseur, Spurgeon Chapman, Unknown Seine, Hoyle Chapman, Addie Hoyle (cousin to Spurgeon Chapman).
Row 2:  Sue Hallman, Annie Bell Ramseur, Ruby Hallman, Lena Hallman, Unknown.
Row 3:  Unknown, Unknown, Dama Biggerstaff, Catherine Whitener, Carrie Hallman, Unknown, Unknown, Marshall Ramseur (brother of Lex).
Row 4:  Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Elsie Haynes, Unknown, A. J. Haynes, Lewis Biggerstaff, Unknown, Unknown.
Row 5:  Buddy Whitener (in window), Mrs. Sherrill, Austin Chapman, Unknown, Pauline Biggerstaff, Unknown Hoyle, Bill Hallman, Lucille Hedick, Alene Mitchum, Coin Biggerstaff, Earl Ramseur, Pete Mitchum, Unknown Ramseur, Coyle Mitchum, Douglas Unknown.
Man standing on right is not known.  Also two boys standing next to Mrs. Sherrill are not known. 
My Dad is Bill Hallman, second boy from the left on the bottom step.  He has four sisters also in the picture, Sue, Ruby, Lena, and Carrie Hallman. 
I can give you their married names and the names of their husbands if you wish.
This was a two room schoolhouse, so apparently the two adults were the two teachers. 
Daddy didn't remember the male teacher's name. 
Hopefully if this is posted on the website, we can learn some of the other names.

--Nancy Cason

Hopefully, somebody out there can help us with the unknown folks in the picture.


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