The following information is from the Family Bible. This is the Family Bible of Ephraim and Anny Robison Dellinger. It was in the possession of my grandfather, James Henry McDowell Dellinger, when he died in 1940, and was given to me by his wife, and my grandmother, Emma Ballard Dellinger. James Henry McDowell Dellinger is the grandson of Ephraim Dellinger and his 2nd wife, Mary Thompson Dellinger.

First Page:

Hayes Washington Dellinger  born: 1831 October 15
Lary Dellinger born: 1834 July 28
John F. Dellinger born:1841 July 6

Second Page:

Monroe Dellinger born: 1843 April 16

Genowah Dellinger  born: 1845 November 11
Mary J. Dellinger born:  1846 November 2
Isobella Dellinger born: 1849 January 20
Margaret Dellinger  born: 1851 November 30
Ann Alowisa Dellinger born: 1853 June 30

Third Page:

Ephraim Dellinger born: 1810 --?-- 14
Lina E. Dellinger  born:  1832 October 30
Isaac Dellinger born: 1834 April 3
Susan Dellinger born:  1837 July 7
Lousinda Dellinger  born: 1839 August 1

Fourth Page:

Sarah Dellinger born: 1835 July 28

Inside Back of Bible:

Elizabeth A. Dellinger born: 1822 October 10

No other records have been found for Hayes Washington Dellinger or Lary Dellinger. They could have died young as they are not shown in the 1840 or 1850 Federal Census living with Ephrain and Anna Dellinger.

Elizabeth A. Dellinger is believed to have been a sister of Ephraim Dellinger although definite proof has not been found as yet.

Contributed by Joyce Graham March 1997

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