Michael Huffstetler Davis

Typical young Confederate soldier

Michael Huffstetler Davis, of Laboratory, NC, served NC during the War Between the States as a Private in Company D, 71st NCT, Junior Reserves, 2nd Regiment, serving under, among others, Gen. Robert F. Hoke and Gen. Joseph E. Johnston.
Originally enlisting at age 14, Mike Davis was 16 years and 3 months of age when he returned home to Laboratory after General Joseph E. Johnston surrendered his troops at Durham.

He fought in the Battle of Wyse Creek and Bentonville in NC., as well as other battles and engagements.

When the Civil War Memorial located on the Courthouse lawn, was dedicated, Mike was in attendance for the ceremony. He also attended several Civil War Veteran Reunions and he is pictured in a photograph taken at a Civil War Veteran Reunion held by the UDC at Memorial Hall in Lincolnton.

Submitted by Greg Davis, an officer in the Lincoln County Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Military Order of Stars and Bars, and GGGrandson of Michael Huffstetler Davis.

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