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Reference Description Author Owner/Email
Carpenters A Plenty  Please limit requests to one or two individuals at a time.  Carpenter, Robert C.
Baltimore,1982. Gateway Press.
Charles Proctor Jr 
Troops From Lincoln
County, N.C. 
Military Rosters from the War of 1812
Lincoln County Civil War Men
Federal Pension Lists for 
the years 1813, 1835, 1840, 1852
William R. Navey William R. Navey
A few names from the Spanish American War 1897 Rosters    William R. Navey William R. Navey
"Marriage Bonds of Tryon and Lincoln Counties, North Carolina" abstracted and indexed by Curtis Bynum 1929, Southern Historical Press in Greenville, SC     Dianna Anderson
North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index, 1665-1900     Dianna Anderson
Heritage of Lincoln County     Andrea
Heritage of Lincoln County     Donna


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