Lincoln County Bastardy Bonds
(Selected records)

Years 1784-1799

24. 1794 - The State Vs: William Bird; At the Complaint of: Mary Conner
[Note by AMD: William Bird was bondsman on Nathaniel Mitchum's 1820 bastardy bond complained of by Elizabeth Porter.]

Years 1800-1809

12. 180(blot) - The State Vs: Benjamin Hull; At the Complaint of Mavine James (joint bond)
35. 1801 - The State Vs: Joshua Vandyke; At the Complaint of Hannah Best; (signature reads Jeptha Vandike)
38. 1805 - The State Vs: Peter Wiant; At the Complaint of Elizabeth Sain
44. 1800 - The State Vs: Samuel Brice, wheelright of S.C.; At the Complaint of Nancy Rannels

Years 1810-1814

4. 1810 - The State Vs: Abner Hull: At the Complaint of Elizabeth Rickard, Fanny Fox [Refused to name father, child already born; George Avery and Joseph Avery secured bond for her. Another child born to Fanny Fox in 1814, same securities.]
15. 1810 - The State Vs: Jacob Runolds, of Burke; At the Complaint of Sally Rosamond [Jacob Runolds, of Burke, and Jacob and Rachel Rosamon are jointly bound to support a child Jacob Runolds begat on Sally Rosamond.]

Years 1815-1819

9. 1815 - The State Vs: Thomas Tipps and wife, joint bond to bring Nancy Scott, John Scott, Barney Williams, and Peggy Brazeel, to court [does not name parents].
25. 1817 - The State Vs: David Peeler; at the Complaint of Sally Eaker, Heady Bird [child born 17 Aug. "last"; Heady Bird is to bring up child].
29. 1817 - The State Vs: James Crowder; at the Complaint of Elizabeth Porter
33. 1817 - The State Vs: James Hanks; at the Complaint of Nancy Lovecy
35. 1816 - The State Vs: John Spencer; at the Complaint of Mary Mull

Years 1820-1823

4. 1821 - The State Vs: David Hanks; at the Complaint of Elizabeth "Betsey" Flowers
5. 1820 - The State Vs: Nathaniel Mitchum; at the Complaint of Elizabeth Porter
8. 1820 - The State Vs: Richard Hanks: at the Complaint of Luvinia Young. [Is this Nancy Hanks Lincoln's "Uncle Dickie" Hanks with whom she lived, as a teenager, in Gaston County (Belmont) before removing to Kentucky? ... Nancy Hanks Lincoln was Mother of President Abraham Lincoln.]
10. 1821 - The State Vs: Richard Hanks; at the Complaint of Mary Flowers;
11. 1821 - The State Vs: Green Massey; at the Complaint of Patricia Flowers;
Note by AMD: In the Flowers family [second husband of my great grandmother, Barbara Ann Smith Mitchem Flowers, Civil War Widow of great grandfather Joseph B. Mitchem], there was a man named "Green Flowers", who may or may not be a namesake of Green Massey's. I have done no appreciable research on the Flowers family.]
17. 1822 - The State Vs: Joseph Kizer; at the Complaint of Delila ["see the original" is the compiler's note. I suppose that means to try to decipher Delila's last name; not sure. AMD.]
20. 1821 - The State Vs: Thos. Johnston; at the Complaint of Catherine Gilbert, Agnes Jenkins [Agnes Jenkins and Hugh Jenkins will support base born child.]
27. 1822 - The State Vs: Adam Linn; at the Complaint of Elizabeth Nolan;
38. 1823 - The State Vs: John Wacaster; at the Complaint of Nancy Smith
39. 1823 [Elizabeth and Ezekiel Hanks will support child lately born.] Note by AMD: Ezekiel Hanks was bondsman on 1829 marriage record of Logan Mitchum and Louisa Best, my great great grandparents. I do not know of relationship between Ezekiel Hanks and the aforementioned Hanks's, if any.]
43. 1823 - The State Vs: Allen Davis; at the Complaint of Elizabeth Porter. That's number three for Elizabeth Porter in about six years... almost as busy as Mary/Polly Tucker!
44. 1823 - The State Vs: Samuel Young; at the Complaint of Patsy Byles ("Boyles"?)
48. 1823 - The State Vs: James Wilkerson; at Complaint of Catherine Bomgarner [Catherine Bomgarner and Abrm. Forney pledge to support child.]

Years 1824-1827

11. 1825 - The State Vs: Ezekial Hanks; at Complaint of Polly Williams;
24. 1824 - The State Vs: Major Hull; at Complaint of Barbara Williams;[see # 52, below.]
25. 1824 - The State Vs: Milton W. Grissom; at the Complaint of Hannah Johnson;
27. 1824 - The State Vs: Joseph T. Johnson; at the Complaint of Catherine Frashour;
28. 1824 - The State Vs: Henry Wise; at the Complaint of Sully Wise
51. 1824 - The State Vs: Jacob Kizer; at the Complaint of Prucey Cross
52. [no date stated, but probably between 1824 and 1826-AMD] David Williams will support a child of Barbara Williams of whom Major Hull is the father.
53. 1826 - The State Vs: William Hanks; at Complaint of Michael Hovis;

Years 1828-1839

9. 1835 - The State Vs: Peter Miller; at the Complaint of Caty Kaylor;
13. 1833 - The State Vs: Andrew Bomgarner; at the Complaint of Anna Rader [dau. of Betsy Rader.]
24. 1839 - The State Vs: William B. Johnson; on Complaint of Elizabeth Carpenter [became pregnant traveling to Tennessee].
25. 1836 - The State Vs: Madison Page; on Complaint of Barbara Fulbright [Barbara Fulbright, Solomon Leatherman and Henry Linn give bond to be responsible for child.] Note by AMD: Wasn't Madison Page a son-in-law of Sarah Wise Temples, sister of Susanna Wise Mitchem [Mrs. Banks Mitchem.]?
26. 1836 - The State Vs: Eli Kaylor; on Complaint of Susanna Setser

Years 1840-1849 [transcripts stop in 1842 although 1849 is mentioned here. AMD]

5. 1840 - The State Vs: Isaac Hubbard; on the Complaint of Sally Kiser [child is born]
15. 1841 - The State Vs: Alexander Bumgarner; at the Complaint of Malinda Flanagan [step-dau. of Jacob Flanagan];

It would be necessary to consult court minutes to determine if outcomes for these cases appear in court records; if not, perhaps census records or other family records would be of assistance.

[This file, transcription and notes courtesy of Alta M. Durden (AMD)]

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