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 Will Book- Vol. 3


Pg. 1-3

Lee Co., NC - To the Superior Court, before the Clerk.

In the matter of the will of Lydia F. Wilson, deceased.

The paper writing hereto attached and purporting to be the will of Lydia F. Wilson, deceased is exhibited before the undersigned Clerk of the Superior Court of Lee County, North Carolina, by Walker C. Wilson, the executor therein named and thereupon the following proof is taken by the oath and examination of E. T. Buchanan and E. P. Wicker the subscribing witnesses thereto as follows. etc. (they swear they saw her write the will and that, in their opinion,  she is of sound mind an disposing memory. 16 Dec. 1937

Testator: Lydia F. WILSON

Children and Grandchildren:

Mary Woodell, Frankie Cox, Gertrude Sloan, Ellie Talmadge Wilson and Robert Holder - The river tract of land situated on Little River, adjoining lands of A. L. Parrish. The McQueen place, C. L. Martin place, J. J. Edwards and John Dunlap, consisting of 138 acres, more or less.

Children: Mary Woodell, Frankie Cox and Gertrude Sloan 1/4 interest each. Ellie Talmadge Wilson and Robert Holder, my grandchildren shall have 1/4 interest each in common, respresenting their share of their deceased mother Ella Holder.

Son, Walker C. Wilson, the tract of whereon he now lives, near Jonesboro, adjoining lands of Pack- Peek? Trulove, MNeill and others. (about 43 acres)

If any heir or devisee shall object then, the will is void.

Also, says her son Walker C. Dalrymple? shall assume full costs of her burial (I think that is a typo and should be Wilson?)

Executor : Walker C. Wilson

Feb 24, 1922.


Pg. 4  - 8

Filed and Probated - 12 Jan. 1938

LWT of Neal A. Stone, deceased. exhibited before the Superior Court of Lee Co., NC, by Nannie E Stone and Samuel Teemons (Timmons?) Stone executors. Proof taken by oath and examination by H. R. Palmer and Geo. M. Brannon, subscribing witnesses.

Sworn to before Chief Superior Court, W. G. Watson.

"I Neil A. Stone of the county of Lee and the State of North Carolina being of lawful age and of sound mind, etc..

Wife: Nannie Catherine Stone- all personal and real property. At her death, after all the debts are paid to be divided among my children.

Son,  Alexander Stone, usually called "Sandy"

Son, H. E. or R E. Stone (very dark and hard to read)

Son, Samuel Temaus? Stone

Son, Archie Herbert Stone

Dau. Susan Ann Powers

Son, John S. Stone

Son, William Warren Stone

Dau. Lorena Plat

Son, Pascal P. Stone

Son, Jesse James Stone, to take care of my son, Pascal P. Stone, but his wife, to be the guardian of Pascal.. (evidently handicapped)

Wife Nannie and son, Samuel to be executors. Dated 17 Sept. 1930 and marked with an "X"


Pg. 9 - 12

LWT - Hattie McCormick  - Superior Court, Lee Co., NC

Arthur A. James Jr. and L. V. Scott, subscribing witnesses.

"I Hattie McCormick of the said county and state aforeseaid, being of sound mind, etc.

Loyal and Trusty son, Austin McCormick to inherit (property description) in Manton?, Robeson Co., NC

Grand daughter - Carol Rose McCormick, under eighteem. She to receiver her share of estate when she reaches 25 and Austin McCormick to be administrator/trustee.

Dated 31 Jan. 1938


Pg. 13 - 15

LWT - L. E. Byrd - Superior Court, Lee Co., NC

L. E. Byrd of Broadway of the County of Lee "being of good bodily health and of sound and disposing mind and memory"

First I give to my beloved grand children, children of my deceased daughter,  Buela? Patterson, Ester Patterson, Emma? Patterson, Lewis Patterson, Zula Mae Patterson, Clara Elizabeth Patterson, and John Frank Patterson, the sum of fifty cents cash money , to be paid to them by my executor, hereinafter named.

Second, I devise and bequeath to my beloved wife Lena Byrd, all the property of every class and description wherever located, both real and personal property, etc, during her natural life, and at the death of my wife, the said property to go to my beloved daughter Carrie Byrd.

At the death of my beloved daughter Carrie Byrd all the property that has come to her estate from the estate that I die possessed, shall go to my beloved grandson Oldham Patterson.

Third, his beloved wife, Lena Byrd shall have all power and authority to manage his estate, to carry on to the best of her ability.

Fourth, Mr. D. E. Shaw to be executor of his estate.

In testimony thereof, etc. subscribes and affixes his seal the 18th day of Dec. 1934.

Witness: A.M. Brooks and Jno. W. McIntosh

Filed and probated Jan 31, 1938, W. S. Watson, C.S.C.


Pg. 17 - 21-

 LWT M. B. Buchanan

$1,000 to be used to purchase a memorial and headstone for him, "in the family plot at Poplar Springs Church yard in Lee Co., NC, for my present wife, my first wife and such other members of my family as my be buried on said lot. "

Present wife, Mrs. Minnie Buchanan - she to have the residence on Oakwood Avenue, Sanford, NC, all household furnture, utensils, livestock, etc., automobile and personal property.

Daughters, Mrs. Beatrice Strayhorn & Louise Buchanan

Sons, Hubert S. Buchanan, R.? C. Buchanan, S. H. Buchanan, E. E. Buchanan, Vernon Buchanan, & W. C. Buchanan (and to the children of any of them, who may predecease me, their parents share) Not to include L. C. Buchanan who has received his share of the estate prior to this LWT. 

The will is long and detailed with lots of 'ifs' & 'but's', that I will not copy here, as it does not declare any other heirs.

Executors: T. S. Cross & T. R. Hoyles? Hayles?

Witness: J. E. Brinn, J. R. McIver

Apr 2, 1931

Probated Feb 7, 1938  W. S. Watson C.S.C.


Pg. 22-24

LWT -  L. H. Lawrence

Beloved Wife Georgia Anna Lawrence - "all property of every class & description that I die seized and possessed both real and personal of that may come into my estate after my demise. for her natural life in satisfaction of our companionship in many years of married life and for my love for her."

Daughter Onnie Lawrence Brannon - $500 cash money

Daughgter Vallie Mae Rankin - $500 cash money

Daughter Loma Lawrence Cox - $500 cash money

Daughter Beulah Lawrence Bridges - $500 cash money

Grand Daughter Violet Lawrence Rogers $250 cash money


Pg. 25- 27

LWT - Roby J. Bullis

Wife Mary W. Bullis, homeplace, containing 76 acres in Pocket Township (land was purchased from H. A. Palmer.

Children: Carl Warren Bullis; Ruby Bell Bullis, William Ray Bullis; Nena May Bullis; Vola? (Vela ?)  Bullis and Conrad D. Bullis

Executor: Carl Warren Bullis.

__? July 1936

Probated 1 Mar 1938

Witness: Mary Eunice Glass & W. R. Williams

deposition by them on 1 Mar. 1938 that they saw Roby J. Bullis, make this will.

Pg. 28, 29

LWT - G. W. Dickens

States he was born in Chatham Co., NC, now, of Sanford, Lee Co.- Sept 1 1937

Son, W. J. Dickens to have all of his real  estate and personal property except for the personal property, that he gives to the following children:

Joseph M. Dickens, 2 beds; Hurst M. Dickens,  1 dresser; Esther V. Dickens, 1 wash stand; Adolphus C., Dickens, 1 bed.

Witnesses: A. J. Ward, Job H. Taylor, J. C. Hemmingway

Probated - 11 Apr. 1938


Pg. 30

LWT - J.O. Kelley

Wife Lula E. Kelly - to receive his whole estate, including the 60 acres tract of land. for her personal use as she sees fit. no other person mentioned in the will.

His executor is his wife, also.

Witness: J. T. Marks & Mrs. J. E. Dawkins

31 May 1932


Pg. 158-159

LWT - James A. Allen -

" I James A. Allen, being of sound mind and with my own free will, hereby make this my last will and testament.
After my death I bequeath all my property both personal and real estate, to my wife, Mary S. Allen, during her lifetime and at her death the property shall be sold and the proceeds from each sale shall be equally divided between my children.
But, in the event the said Mary S. Allen should marry again after my death, the property both personal and real estate, shall then be sold, and the proceeds from such sale shall be equally divided between the said Mary S. Allen and all my children.
I bequeath my wife Mary S. Allen, executrix of this my last will, and appoint my son Nelson N. Allen and my son in law E. L.? Matthews, as her chief advisers and are to assist her in settling up my estate.
The said executrix shall collect all accounts due the estate if there be any , and pay off all the claims against said estate, if there be any. Then, the said remaining property, shall go as above designated.
This my last will and testament signed and sealed in the presence of the two subscribing witnesses hereto affixed.
This 21 day of July 1923
James A. Allen
J. R. Paschal
H. A. Cooper

In another page, that is very hard to read, I see the witnesses say they saw James write and sign the will, etc.
It was probated on 21 Oct. 1940 (he lived for 17 years after he wrote the will)