Vital Statistics from The Jonesboro Leader


February 29, 1888 (v.1, no. 1)



·         In Jonesboro, Jan. 24, to William A. and Ella Harrington Godfrey, a son.

·         In Jonesboro, Feb. 21, to W. Alexander and Lizzie Ledbetter Sloan, a daughter.



·         In Jonesboro, Feb. 19, by B. D. Robinson, J. P., W. Knox Hunt of Munn’s Station and Sarah C. Underwood of Jonesboro.

·         In Chatham County, Feb. 23, by Rev. W. B. Doub, J. J. Campbell of Jonesboro and Mittie Brown of Chatham County.

·         In Manly, Feb. 23, by Rev. W. F. Watson, John A. Johnson and Janie W. Clark.



·         In Jonesboro, Feb. 13, Mrs Lula Todd Caddell.

·         In Sanford township, Jan. 23, Malcolm Watson, aged 76 years, 10 months, and 18 days.

·         In Sanford township, Feb. 5, Lizzie Watson, aged 60 years and 2 months.

·         In Sampson, Sampson Co., Feb. 13, Neill Watson, aged 60 years.

·         In Sanford township, Feb. 21, Anna Watson, aged 80 years, 5 months, and 26 days.



March 7, 1888 (v. 1, no. 2)



·         In Pocket township, Feb. 28th, at the home of the bride’s parents, by Rev. W. S. Lacy, Mr. Joseph L. Knight and Miss Belle Campbell.



·         At Gulf, NC, Feb. 29th, Mrs. Mattie McIver, wife of J. M. McIver.



March 14, 1888 (v. 1, no. 3)



·         At Prosperity, March 2nd, by W. R. Reynolds, J. P., Charles Woodall and Miss Martha McIntosh.

·         At Prosperity, March 4th, by W. R. Reynolds, J. P., James Presnell and Miss M. J. McIntosh.

·         At Prosperity, March 4th, by Robert Wilson, J. P., James Hussey of Randolph County and Miss C. J. Brady of Moore.

·         At Prosperity, March 4th, by Robert Wilson, J. P., Levi Brady and Miss Mary Hussey.

·         At Carthage, March 5th, by M. M. Frye, J. P., Deputy Sheriff W. E. Black and Miss E. C. Ritter.

·         In Harnett County, March 8th, at the residence of the bride’s mother, by Rev. Neill McKay, D. D., A. A. Bethea and Miss Hettie Atkins.



·         At Swann’s Station, Feb. 27th, 1888, Anna Patterson, daughter of John Patterson, aged 21 years.

·         Near Broadway, March 5th, 1888, Mrs. Aldice Cummings, aged about 40 years.

·         At Prosperity, Feb. 26th, of pneumonia N. R. Brady, aged 70 years.



March 21, 1888 (v. 1, no. 4)              NEW!!!



·        In Jonesboro, Mar. 17, to D. B. and Bettie Sloan Buchanan, a son.

·        In Jonesboro, Mar. 18, to K. B. and Eliza Way, a daughter.



·        At the residence of the bride’s mother, in Chatham county, March 11, 1888, by Rev. V. A. Sharpe, Mr. James R. Rives and Miss Annie Moffitt.



·        At Rives Chapel, Chatham County, Mar. 10, Mrs. Atlas S. Dowd, aged 65 years.

·        At Union Church, March 16, Duncan McLauchlin, aged 18 years.



March 28, 1888 (v. 1, no. 5)              NEW!!!          



·        At Jonesboro, Mar. 18, to Robert W. and Fannie Minter Dalrymple, a son.

·        At Jonesboro, Mar. 23, to Neill A. and Rebecca Harrington Dalrymple, a son.



·        At Sanford, 21st March 1888, by the Rev. Wm. S. Lacy, Mr. J. C. Lashly of Stokesdale and Miss Maggie Leach, daughter of the late Capt. Hugh Leach of this county.

·        At the residence of the bride’s father, near Germanton, Stokes Co., N.C., by the Rev. B. R. Hall, Capt. John H. McIver of Moore Co., N.C., and Miss Gillie Chaffin, daughter of W. A. Chaffin, Esq.



·        At Norval, Harnett county, March 25, Mary Douglas, wife of Joseph Kelly, aged about 45 years.

·        At Union Church, March 24, Rev. Martin McQueen, aged 63 years.

·        Near Lemon Springs, March 19, Mary B. Savage, eldest daughter of T. J. Savage, aged 16 years.