County Officers - Pre 1908 and after.




First Lee County Officers (Appointed 1908):

John C. Watson, Sheriff

T. N. Campbell, Clerk of Court

T. M. Cross, Register of Deeds

B. C. Pearce, Treasurer

Dr. Hughes B. Hoyle, Coroner

William Temple, County Surveyer


First County Commissioners (First Meeting: February 17, 1908)

John R. Jones

Jesse L. Godfrey

J. F. Jones

J. J. Edwards, Chairman

J. F. Womble


Postmasters of Sanford and Date of Appointment:

Robert M. Brown—19 June 1873

Henry T. Rollins—9 Mar. 1876

Robert M. Brown—4 Sep. 1879

James A. McIver—18 June 1880

Benjamin I. Howze—27 June 1881

John S. McIver—2 Jan. 1883

Lodwick T. Brown—6 Aug. 1885

George H. Makepeace—16 Apr. 1889

John W. Scott, Jr.—29 May 1893

Kate A. Scott—20 Feb. 1896

Isaac H. Lutterloh—2 June 1897

Samuel M. Jones—1 Feb. 1904

Samuel V. Scott—2 July 1913

John W. Gilliam—21 June 1922


Mayors of Sanford:

W. T. Tucker—1874-?

W. Sidney Weatherspoon—1889-90

John W. Scott, Jr.—1890-92

Abner Landis McNeill—1892-94 (resigned February 1894)

John W. Scott, Sr.—1894

John W. Scott, Jr.—1894-95

Thomas L. Bass—1895-96

George Henry Makepeace—1896-97

Thomas L. Bass—1897-1899


Thomas L. Chisholm—1903-05

W. S. Weatherspoon—1905-07

George Henry Makepeace—1907 (died July)

Thomas L. Chisholm—1907-09 (appointed)

Thomas L. Chisholm—1909-11 (elected)

Joseph W. Ruark—1911-1912 (resigned December)

Oscar Percy Makepeace—1912-13 (appointed)

Thomas L. Bass—1913-15 (died April)

Edward L. Howard—1915-17

Thomas Scott (Lux) Cross—1917-19


Ministers in Jonesboro as of February-March, 1888 (from The Jonesboro Leader)

Rev. W. S. Lacy—Presbyterian—Buffalo Church

Rev. W. B. Doub—Methodist Episcopal—Jonesboro Circuit

Rev. Jas. D. Carpenter—Methodist Episcopal—Cape Fear Circuit

Rev. L. M. Chaffin—Methodist Episcopal—Lillington Circuit

Rev. M. F. Watson—Baptist

Rev. W. H. Lawhon—Baptist—Cool Springs

Rev. G. R. Underwood—Christian—Grace Chapel, Shallow Well, and Poplar Branch


Town Officers of Jonesboro as of February-March, 1888 (from The Jonesboro Leader)

J. R. Watson—Mayor

S. H. Buchanan—Commissioner

A. J. Sloan—Commissioner

James Dalrymple—Commissioner

P. S. Cox—Commissioner

N. J. Neal—Commissioner

J. A. McIver—Street Commissioner

Col. A. F. Seawell—Clerk

L. M. Foushee—Town Marshall









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