The following are items taken from 'The Carthage Blade' in the column entitled Local Briefs.

Names mentioned. Note: A person may be in more than one article. I have only listed the name one time.


Anderson, H M
Battley, T E
Brodie, E G
Clark, Malcolm C          
Davis, Jno L
Duncan, Fagan
Fagan, J M
Frizell, Harry
Frye, Thomas
Grimm, Lewis
Harrington, A B
Harrington, T H
Hicks, T T
Hunsucker, Mary
Jackson, W K
Jones, Chas Mrs          
Jones, J A
Jones, S M
Kennedy, Jas
Mally, Lelia
Maner, Geo
Marley, N G S
McInnis, N M
McIver, A W
McIvers, B J
Meadows, W L
Pierce, Jno
Richardson, W B
Turner, Alex


The Carthage Blade

Thursday. Feb 20, 1890

Local Briefs

Help the cotton factory out!

Send your Job Work to this Office.

See ad. of “Self Threading Needles.”

See notice of mortgage sale of land by E.G. Brodie.

Pay up your subscription to this paper, we need it.

Nice Dried Beef at H.M. Anderson’s at 14c a pound.

Mss Lelia Mally, of Jonesboro, is visiting Mrs. H.M. Anderson in town.

DOWN SHE GOES! - Good Rio Coffee at H.M. Anderson’s for 19c a pound.

Mrs. Dr. H. Turner and Mrs. Chas. Jones, of Cameron, were visiting in town Monday.

All subscriptions to this paper are due cash in advance, and if yours is not paid look for a dun.

There is more building going on in Carthage than at any one time in years. It is a sign of prosperity.

The carpenters are going rapidly ahead on the court house. They have nearly all the sleepers and rafters in place.

Letter Heads, Note Heads, Bill Heads, Statements, Posters, Cards, Envelopes, all kinds of Blanks can be gotten at this Office.

Send your Job Printing to The Blade Office. We will guarantee first class work, as low as any house in this section.

Carthage is by big odds the best and cheapest market in the county. Indeed, goods are as cheap, if not cheaper, there than in Raleigh.

The marriage of Mr. T.E. Battley to Miss Mary Hunsucker is announced to take place in the Baptist church here, on Tuesday night, March 4th.

The fire company meeting last Thursday night flashed out before any damage was done. It will be too late to organize a company after the town is in ashes.

Bugs are playing havoc with small grain. Whole fields have been literally eaten up. This wholesale destruction is due to the extreme mildness of the winter

Mr. N.G.S. Marley, with a force of hands, has been working the streets this week. It was badly needed, and we hope he will continue until every street is in thorough order.

Mr. Alex. Turner, of Cameron, was here last week looking after a site for a brick yard. We understand that he found a suitable one, and that in a short time will begin brick-making on a big scale.

SEED OATS! SEED OATS!! I have just received a lot of seed oats, which I am selling cheap; also seed Irish potatoes, full supply on hand, consisting of Early Rose, Peerless, Burbanks, etc. Send in your orders. H.M. Anderson

Court convenes next Monday week. The State docket is not a very large one, and the only really important case is that of State vs N.M. McInnis, charged with the murder of J.A. Jones last Septembers. Jones was McInnis’ brother-in-law.

We are pleased to receive the Carthage Blade this week as an exchange. Few papers in our State are more ably edited or more neatly compiled than this honored exchange. Elk Park Mountain Post. Thanks, awfully, friend John, but you do put it on heavy.

Best seed oats, Landreth’s seeds, Irish potatoes and garden seeds, white corn, hams, dried beef, cheese canned goods, all kinds, of groceries, tobacco, snuff and cigars, patent medicines, drugs and finest stationery, cheap for CASH or barter, at B.J. McIver’s

H.M. Anderson calls attention to his new Garden Seeds, and recommends them as being the most reliable seed on the market. Parties who used them last year, say that they gave better satisfaction than any seed they ever planted. Call and lay in your supply. H.M. Anderson

COMMITTED SUICIDE - Mr. Jno. Pierce, and aged and respectable citizen of the Cameron neighborhood, was found hanging to a tree in his yard last Saturday morning. He purchased the rope at Cameron the day before, and told his cook that he was going to hand himself. Family troubles thought to be the cause.

Pure N.C. Corn and Rye Whiskies and Brandies for sale by W.B. Richardson, at his tore on his farm, not to be drunk on the premises.

Messrs. Harry Frizell, J.M. Fagan and Jas. Kennedy left for Roanoke, Va., last Monday. They are all first-class painters, and go to work in the Roanoke carriage factory. Roanoke has made a heavy draft on our population. Six men already having gone, and we hear that there are still others to go. We dislike to see our good citizens leaving.

The Henderson Gold Leaf says: “Census enumerators always encounter a few individuals who decline to give information asked for. The law provides that the head of a family who refuses proper information may be sued and fined $50. In the absence of the head of the family any adult member of it. “any agent of the family shall provide the information.”

The Blade has added quite a number of new subscribers to its list since the 1st of January. We are thankful to our fiends for thus substantially endorsing our course and our paper. But our list is not yet as large as it should be, and we hope to add many new names during court. If you are not a subscriber, become one; and if you are one, induce your neighbor to subscribe.

Says an exchange: the prosperity of the town is not gauged by the wealth of its inhabitants, but by the uniformity with which they pull together when any important undertaking is to be accomplished. a man with a thousand dollars at his command and a love for his town in his heart can do more for the upbuilding of it than the millionaire who locks up his capital and snaps his fingers at home progress.

The nibbler is the man who enters a store, runs his fingers into every sugar barrel, then goes to the cheese and cuts off a slice, then as a matter of course must have a few crackers, and perhaps before he makes up his mind to purchase a quarters worth, he has eaten up the profits on more than twice that amount. The characters are very annoying to business men. Have you never observed one of them at work? Gold Leaf

We heartly agree with Bro. Williams, of the Elk Park Post, in the following: “The worth of a pure, christian woman cannot be estimated. She is the master stroke of God. But a woman without these attributes - or when they are so smothered that they cease to form part of her life, is the lowest order of God’s creation. When a woman displays christian charity and warm affection, her position is only second to that of angles - God’s winged messengers of love and peace. But when she displays deceit, ill temper and a disposition to make all around her miserable, then the very angels weep and blush for shame that the image of our Creator should fall so far below the beasts of the fields.

COTTON FACTORY - The Blade has time and again urged upon its readers the establishment of a cotton factory and other similar enterprises, but so far without avail. Now, it is in the reach of our people to establish such a factory. Mr. L Grimm has made arrangements whereby we can get the necessary machinery to run a factory of a spinning capacity of 1200 pounds a day for $10,000. Stock to the amount of $6,000 has already been subscribed, and the books are open for the remainder of the subscription. The beauty of it is that the whole of the subscription is not required cash down. Each share will be worth $100, $20 cash, and 50 cts a week until paid. Thus it will not require such an enormous outlay to take a few shares of stock. It will be in the reach of all to take stock on such a liberal basis. We are told that the factory at Jonesboro is paying a monthly dividend of 2 per cent - $24 a year on every $100 invested. Such an industry will do wonders for Carthage. And it lays in our power to have it if we will. What say you, business men of Carthage, do you want the factory or not? If you want it, come up with the cash, and show your willingness. If we do not secure the factory it is our own fault. Don’t let the opportunity pass, we may never have another such one.

Deputy Collector S.M. Jones made a big seizure of crooked whiskey from Jno. L. Davis’ distillery, in this county, last Monday. He got about 350 gallons of whiskey and cut up one still. Davis was running a bonded distillery. This is not the first time he has been guilty of blockading.

FOR SALE. A splendid farm in Warren County, 1 1/2 miles from Macon, on R. & G. RR This land is adapted to the culture of the celebrated bright tobacco, cotton and the cereals, etc. It contains 663 acres. Will sell cheap for cash H.A. Foote, Jr, Carthage, N.C.

Mr. Lewis Grimm killed a 15 pound wild turkey gobbler, near Parkwood, last Monday. On Tuesday we were fortunate enough to secure an invitation to dinner at Mr. Grimm’s, where Sir Gobbler was served in a most tempting style. Indeed, Mrs. Grimm had prepared a most elegant dinner, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

OFF FOR TEXAS - Ex Judge A. W. McIver, of Caldwell, Texas, who is visiting here, has employed and sent to his home in Texas three of out county’s promising young men. Messrs. Duncan Fagan, Geo Maner and Thomas Frye. Mr. Fagan will superintend Judge McIver’s mother-in-law’s farm, and the other two will work with the Judge. We regret to see our boys leaving, but wish them prosperity and happiness.


These are some notices in this edition of The Carthage Blade

By virtue of the power of sale contained in a mortgage executed by W.K. Jackson to me, on the 16th day of June, 1885, and duly registered in Book 57, on pages 359-60 and 61, in the office of the Register of Deeds of Moore County, N.C., I shall sell for cash, by public auction, to the highest bidder, at the court house door and if there be no courthouse), then at the door of the Clerk’s office in Carthage, Moore County, N.C., on Thursday, the 20th day of March 1890, the tract of land conveyed and descried in said mortgage, situate in Ritter’s Township, Moore County, N.C., adjoining the land of T.H. & A.B. Harrington and others, containing 500 acres, more or less and being the same land sold by me to said W.K. Jackson, under mortgage from W.L. Meadows and wife, on June 16, 1885.
This 13th of February, 1890 E.G. BRODIE, Mortgagee, T.T. Hicks, Att’y.

All persons having claims against the estate of Malcom C. Clark, deceased, are here by notified to present and file the evidence of the same at my office in Carthage on or before the 29th day of March, 1890.
This 11th February, 1890
D.A. McDonald, C.S.C.