The following are items taken from 'The Carthage Blade' in the column entitled Local Briefs.

Names mentioned. Note: A person may be in more than one article. I have only listed the name one time.


Black, W E
Clark, Malcom
Cole, E A
Currie, D M
Currie, Sheriff
Edward, O T
Foote, H A Jr
Frizelle, Jas H
Frye, S T
Graves, G C
Hunsucker, Richard          
Jordan, Henry H
Kelly, A C & Son
Kelly, Mary
Maness, W
May, W D
McDonald, D A
Mciver, A W
Mciver, B J
McIver, J F
McIver, Jas D Capt          
McRae, J P Mrs
Palmer, Joe
Reiley, Hugh
Richardson, W B
Robertson, Dr
Robertson, Mary Belle
Smith, Rev Dr
Tyson & Son
Waddell, J E
Weatherly, Supt
Wombe, Sandy E
Womble, Peter
Worthy, E S Mrs


The Carthage Blade
Thursday, Feb 13, 1890
Local Briefs

Prepare your Valentines.

Send your Job Work to this Office

W. Maness (rad) has been appointed postmaster at Pharsais, in this county.

Tomorrow (Friday) is St. Valentine’s Day. Remember your sweethearts.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas H Frizelle, who now reside in Raleigh, are here on a visit.

Miss Mary Kelly, of the county, spent several days visiting in town last and this week.

Sheriff Currie spent a few days in Guilford last week, attending his brother’s marriage.

Mr. W.E. Black is adding a 16-foot “L” to his store, which will be his grocery room.

Winter seems to have come at last. It has been good and cold for the past several days.

All subscriptions to this paper are due cash in advance, and if yours is s not paid look for a dun.

Mr. D.A. McDonald’s dwelling on Barrett Street will soon be completed. Mr. W.D. May will occupy it.

The State Sunday School Convention will meet in Wilmington on Feb’y 25th, and remain in session three days.

Letter Heads, Note Heads, Bill Heads, Statements, Posters, Cards, Envelopes, all kinds of Blanks can be gotten at this office.

FOR RENT - My store-room two doors from P.O., on Main St - Mrs. E.S. Worthy, Carthage NC

Pure N.C. Corn and Rye Whiskies and Brandies for sale by W.B. Richardson, at his store on his farm, not to be drunk on the premises.

The chimneys of the Tyson old hotel are being torn down, preparatory to moving the building. It will be moved and added to Mess Tyson & Son’s store.

The Supreme Court licensed another Moore county young man to practice law last week. It was Mr. J.F. McIver. The Express says he will locate in Monroe.

A large drove of sheep and cattle passed through here last Tuesday, en route for Virginia. They were purchased in the upper end of the county, and numbered 300 or 400.

Mr. Joe Palmer, of Chatham, passed through here last Tuesday with a large pack of hounds on his way to the southern part of the county, where he will engage in an old fashioned fox hunt.

The business men of town have employed Mr. Hugh Reiley as night watchman. He is on duty now every night, and evil doers had best keep a sharp lookout, if they don’t want to be nabbed.

The Painsville Democrat truly says, “A man might as well undertake to hold himself at arm’s length and then turn a double somersault over a meeting house steeple as to attempt to publish a paper that will suit everybody.

We hope all our subscribers are honest enough to pay what little they owe us. WE need the money and want it, and if you find a cross mark on your paper, please consider this as meant for you, and send the money by return mail.

Supt. Weatherly, of Liberty, writes us as follow: “Liberty school is better this term than ever before. Prof. E.A. Cole, of your county, has been added to our corps. He is an excellent young man, and is doing good work.” It is ever gratifying to get good reports of our county boys.

If you want Seed Oats, Bacon, Corn, Flour, Meal, Ship Stuff, Landeth’s Fresh Garden Seeds, Farmers & Planters almanacs, Sugar, Coffee, new Orleans and Porto Rico Molasses, Tobacco, Cigars and Snuff, Drugs and Stationery, at lowest cash price, call on B.J. McIver

FIRE COMPANY ORGANIZATION - We are requested by a member of the Board to state that there will be a special meeting of the Town Commissioners at the Male Academy on Thursday night the 13th inst, to take steps toward the organization of a fire company. The citizens of the town are requested to meet with the Commissioners and co-operate with them. This is a most important matter, and we hope our citizens will turn out en masse.

Send your Job printing to The Blade Office. We will guarantee first class work, as low as any house in this section.

Mr. J.E. Waddell has accepted a position in the store of Messrs. A.C. Kelly & Co., and requests us to state to his friends and the public generally that he can be found there in the future, and will be pleased to have them call on him.

Messrs. S.T. Frye and Richard Hunsucker left last week for Roanoke, Va., where they have accepted situations in a carriage factory. These gentlemen are good workmen, and we regret that it was necessary for them to leave.

Mr. G.C. Graves has opened a nice stock of staple and fancy groceries. he tells us that he is going to pay cash for everything he buys, and will credit no man for a cent. He guarantees to sell you goods as cheap as any man. Go to see him and be convinced.

A young girl was caught kissing her sweetheart a few days ago. her mother took her to task for such actions, but the girl silenced her by this quotation: “Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so unto them.” She wilted. Memories of old were brought forcibly to mind.

FOR SALE. A splendid farm in Warren County, 1 1/2 miles from Macon, on R. & G. RR This land is adapted to the culture of the celebrated bright tobacco, cotton and the cereals, etc. It contains 663 acres. Will sell cheap for cash H.A. Foote, Jr, Carthage, N.C.

If you have frequent headaches, dizziness and fainting spells, accompanied by chills, cramps, corns, bunions, chillblains, epilepsy, and jaundice, it is a sign that you are not well, but are liable to die any minute. Pay your subscription a year in advance and thus make yourself solid for a good obituary notice.

A Texas editor, having charged that the father of a rival editor had been in the penitentiary, was notified that he must retract or die. he retracted as follows: “We are mistaken, the Bugle editor’s sire has not been in the penitentiary. The efforts of his friends to have his sentence commuted to imprisonment for life failed, and he was hanged.” - Texas Siftings.

The Pittsboro Record tells of a “heavy mortgage” given by a citizen of that county to one of Randolph. It was for the enormous sum of 61 cents. The property covered was a single barrell gun and a scythe. The fees for registering the probating amounted to 75 cents. We don’t suppose any other county in the State contains so picayuneish a man as the one who took this mortgage.

MARRIED - At the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. Peter Womble, in this county, on Thursday, the 6th inst, by Rev. O.T. Edwards, Miss Sandy E Womble to Mr. Henry H Jordan, of Siler City, Chatham county. The marriage was a quiet affair, there being only a few friends present. A pleasant reception was held that night. The happy couple left the next morning for the groom’s home.

MARRIED - On the 5th inst, at the residence of the bride’s brother, Dr Robertson, at Guilford College, By Rev Dr Smith of Greensboro, Mr. D.M. Currie of Moore, to Miss Mary Belle Robertson, of Guilford. Mr. Currie has a great many friends here, who will hear of his happy marriage with pleasure. he is at present located in South Carolina. We wish them all happiness.

A BIG CLOTHING TRADE - The claim that Messrs. A.C. Kelly & Co. are our largest merchants, is being more strongly verified every day by the increased volume of their business. In one day recently they sold 39 suits of clothes, worth about $750. This was an exceptionally large clothing trade for one day. And we’ll wager a fine silk hat that no other firm in the county ever equalled the above. Honesty and advertising will do wonders.

See notice to creditor’s by D A McDonald, C S C

Mrs. J.P. McRae of Laurinburg, is visiting in town.

See ad of Jeff. Davis’ life by the Belford Co., of New York.

Mr. A.W. McIver, formerly of this county, but now of Caldwell, Texas, is here on a visit to Capt Jas. D. McIver, his brother.

We want a girl to do general housework, and if our readers are interested in the success of the paper they will help us to secure one. We can’t do the housework and at the same time edit this paper as well as we would like to. We do not dislike to edit the paper, nor do we dislike the housework particularly, but we find that they do not go well together. WE find that we cannot think prodigious tariff thoughts in a satisfactory way while washing dishes and bedclothes; nor does the divine afflat us seem to hover round about us when engaged in such work. We may not be as versatile as a man should be to occupy our position, but we can’t help that. While, as we have remarked, we do not specially dislike the necessary work about a house, we prefer under the circumstances to hire a girl rather than an editor, principally because of the difference in cost. you will get a better paper if you send us a girl, not too attractive, and on who does not require too much superintending. Uniontown (Cal) Genius.

Things Girls Should Learn:
To Run
To swim
To be neat
To be punctual
To sew
To respect her elders
To speak low
To read aloud
To be gracious and graceful
To trust her mother
To keep a promise when it is once made, though the heavens fall

All persons having claims against the estate of Malcom Clark, deceased, are here by notified to present and file the evidence of the same at my office in Carthage on or before the 29th day of March, 1890
This 11th February, 1890
D A McDonald, C S C