Slaves in Jones County Wills

An important reference source for Jones County research is the book  Abstracts of Records of Jones County, North Carolina, 1779-1868.  This book contains the work of Zae Hargett Gwynn and was published in 1998 by the Genealogical Publishing Company.

With permission from the publisher, a county contributor, R. Simmons-Gonzalez, abstracted all the slave names that appeared in the wills included in the book.  Book A covers 1778-1807 and Book B covers 1807-1868.  Original probate records may be browsed for free at

Decedent Named in the WillSlave nameYear of WillBookPage Number
AHAIR, JohnDinah1794-1795Volume B133
AHAIR, JohnBalaam1794-1795Volume B133
BECTON, JohnAlice1813-1814Volume A14
BRINSON, HiramLiza1855-1856Volume A231
BRINSON, HiramJohn Armonie1855-1856Volume A231
BRINSON, HiramMariah1855-1856Volume A231
BRINSON, HiramEliza1855-1856Volume A231
BURNS, JoannaFlora1814Volume A37
CONNER, RachelLonon1855-1857Volume A237
CONNER, RachelLizzy1855-1857Volume A237
COX, AndrewToney1817-1818Volume A46
COX, AndrewDick1817-1818Volume A46
COX, AndrewDorcas1817-1818Volume A46
COX, AndrewAlsey1817-1818Volume A46
COX, AndrewSam1817-1818Volume A46
COX, AndrewStill1817-1818Volume A46
COX, AndrewDick1817-1818Volume A46
COX, AndrewBen1817-1818Volume A46
COX, AndrewHannah1817-1818Volume A46
COX, AndrewSolomon1817-1818Volume A46
DAVIS, EnochMeltier Arnold1818-1821Volume A61
DUDLEY, Abraham, Sr.Tom1801-1802Volume B260
FIELDS, RichardAnnaniah1784Volume B28
FOSCUE, FrederickPeter1834-1835Volume A123
GILBERT, JosephNell1807Volume A13
GRIMES, RobertCato1791Volume B156
HARGETT, PeterBob1797Volume B198
HARGETT, PeterIsaac1797Volume B198
HARGETT, PeterGeorge1797Volume B198
HARGETT, PeterEaster1797Volume B198
HARGETT, PeterOld Moll1797Volume B198
HARGETT, PeterTeanor1797Volume B198
HARGETT, PeterVenter1797Volume B198
HARGETT, PeterAndrew1797Volume B198
HARGETT, PeterLize1797Volume B198
HARGETT, PeterCassey1797Volume B198
HARGETT, PeterCaesar1797Volume B198
HARGETT, PeterFrank1837-1841Volume A149
HARRISON, DanielSarah1795Volume B149
HATCH, AnthonySukey1810Volume B324
HATCH, AnthonyStarlet1810Volume B324
HATCH, LemuelJacob1806-1807Volume B293
HATCH, LemuelBen1806-1807Volume B293
HATCH, LemuelJim1806-1807Volume B293
HAY, MaryOld Sarah1813Volume A29
HEATH, AmosYork1857-1858Volume A243
HEATH, AmosHenry1857-1858Volume A243
HEATH, AmosJohn1857-1858Volume A243
HOWARD, TitusPompey1796Volume B139
ISLER, SarahGeorge1785-1786Volume B57
ISLER, WiliamVenture1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamPat1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamCloe1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamScudd1784 Volume B42
ISLER, Wiliamyoung Patt (dau. of Cloe)1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamLucy1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamSimon1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamViolet1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamDick1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamMoll1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamJane1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamVenus1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamPhillis1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamHannah1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamSarah1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamTinis1784Volume B42
ISLER, WiliamRachel1784Volume B42
ISLER, WilliamOld Moll1833-1834Volume A119
ISLER, WilliamAlex1833-1834Volume A119
JARMAN, JohnJim1813Volume A20
JARMAN, RachelDave1813-1815Volume A6
JARMAN, RachelMoody1813-1815Volume A6
JARMAN, RachelMoll1813-1815Volume A6
JOHNSON, DuncanSarah1856-1857Volume A239
JONES, JonasDelcey1849-1850Volume A205
KINSEY, JosephBen1857-1858Volume A246
KOONCE, JohnBuck1791Volume B115
KORNEGAY, LetticeBetty1786-1789Volume B49
McDANIEL, JamesIsrael1853-1854Volume A219
McDANIEL, JamesHarriett1853-1854Volume A219
McDANIEL, JamesZachariah (a free boy of color)1853-1854Volume A219
MILLER, MartinAlexander1842-1843Volume A163
MOORE, MathewAbel1788Volume B68
MUNDINE, SarahLettice1795-1799Volume B226
ORME, RobertSarah1778-1779Volume B235
PATE, WilliamPhillis1812Volume B333
PRITCHARD, CalebBett1782Volume B20
PRITCHARD, JeremiahSam (of Daniel Harrison)1778-1781Volume B2
PRITCHARD, JeremiahPhillis1778-1781Volume B2
PRITCHARD, JeremiahSam1778-1781Volume B2
PRITCHARD, JeremiahTiller1778-1781Volume B2
PRITCHARD, JeremiahViolet1778-1781Volume B2
ROBERTS, RichardOld Caesar1814Volume A8
SIMMONS, ElizabethWillis1820-1826Volume A86
SIMMONS, EmanuelNed1806-1807Volume B286
STARKEY, EdwardOld Abram1807-1808Volume B314
STARKEY, EdwardBlacksmith Abram1807-1808Volume B314
STARKEY, EdwardAffu1807-1808Volume B314
STARKEY, EdwardSuke1807-1808Volume B314
STARKEY, EdwardFrankey1807-1808Volume B314
STARKEY, EdwardPleasant1807-1808Volume B314
STARKEY, EdwardRachel1807-1808Volume B314
STARKEY, EdwardSollomon1807-1808Volume B314
STARKEY, EdwardNancy1807-1808Volume B314
STARKEY, EdwardDavid1807-1808Volume B314
WEEKS, ArchelausHannah1778Volume B195
WELTHY (WEALTHY), BryanBetsy1854-1855Volume A227
WEST, EliCurry1797Volume B129
WILLIAMS, ChaplainChloe1793Volume B166

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