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I am interested in any info. on the WHITE family in Jones Co., from 1776-1808.
They may have lived on the North Shore of the Trent River, as per deed of 1779 to Wm. WHITE Senr.
There was intermarriage with the Elijah POLLOCK family of Stone’s Creek, Jacksonville in Onslow County.

Contact: John G. White
registered this surname and query on January 4, 2007

ADAMS,John b 1725 Southampton, VA married to?; died before 16 Nov 1790 Jones Co., NC.
Sons: William A Adams b 1755-60 Southampton VA,mar Mary Gooden/Gooding 15 May 1759 Dobbs Co.,NC; Micajah b 1760 Southampton VA
I would like to know the name of the wife of John. Is there an Ivey link?
All information on Micajah and his children was researched by Vickie Bright---
Estate record dated 6 Jan 1825, directs executors to distribute certain food items to the widow of Micajah Adams (Elizabeth ?). Additional estate record dated Sept 1830, divides the lands of Micajah between his heirs, John, William, Moses, James, Micajah, Owen, Braddock Jarman and wife. Micajah Adams served as Administrator to the estate of Joseph Samders, dated 10 Feb 1810.
Micajah was the son of John Adams of Jones Co., NC Micajah born 1755/60 VA.. Braddock Jarman married Micajah only daughter Mary 16 May 1857

Contact: Mary L Stiny
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DUDLEY, Bonapart. (I have a birth record of a Napoleon B. DUDLEY, June 9, 1838. It states he is buried on what was the Dudley farm in Jones County.) Bonapart is listed as father, and Brancy MEADOWS is listed as mother on the death certificate of Mittie DUDLEY, who married Christopher Herbert MATTOCKS, and resided in Maysville until their deaths.
Looking for any information available.
Thank you.
Submitted by Hope Gibson, great granddaughter to Mittie Dudley Mattocks.
Contact: Hope Gibson
registered this surname and query on January 8, 2007

I`m looking for anyone with the surname Winecoff. My great grandfather`s name was Frank Winecoff, located in the 1880 census of Jones County.
Submitted by David N. Benjamin
Contact: David N. Benjamin
registered this surname and query on January 20, 2007

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