Graveyard of Capt. Michael Koonce

Yours truly researchers the Koonce families of Jones and surrounding counties.  Many Koonce researchers are either descended from or are interested in, Capt. Michael Koonce and his family.

Researcher & Koonce descendant, Claude Thomas Hardison Jr. recently visited the area for the 300th Celebration in Craven County and sought out the gravesite of the family.

cluster of trees hiding the tombstones

Forging through thick overgrowth, Claude did indeed get to take photos of some of the tombstones that were there. Though he didn’t find one for Capt. Koonce or his son, he did capture photos of four tombstones: those of  brother & sister, Susan Hargett & James Reynolds Hargett and their spouses — Amos Simmons Koonce and Susan Koonce respectively.   Amos was a grandson of the Captain via son Michael Jr. and I’m not quite sure yet who Susan’s parents were.

The tombstones have been added as a cemetery on the site and can be seen from here.