Koonce Genealogy

Okay – this is a self-serving post, but it is because of my Koonce roots that I took on Jones County anyway! 😀

New on the Families page is a link to my site dedicated to Koonce genealogy.  I launched the site a couple of weeks ago and intend it as a place to focus the research that I do on my own Koonce family, the Koonce families of North Carolina and throughout the country.  On the site I have links to the various Koonce lineages I’ve been collecting over the past couple of  years and which I look forward to growing through collaborations with other Koonce researchers.

Visit the Families page or click on the image below to visit.


One thought on “Koonce Genealogy

  1. Ella H Evelyn

    My greatgranddaddy William Huggins married Mary S Knooce I am looking for information also, I may can help some.
    Thanks, Ella

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