Rouse Family

Contributed by James Rouse

These are miscellaneous documents on the Rouse Family.

Records of Jones Co., North Carolina, 1779-1868 Vol. I


Pg. 351 –> 222- HARBERT (HERBERT), WILLIAM. Mar 6 1795-1799. To wife Pricilla HERBERT, 144 acres of land being ½ of land and plantation whereon I now live and ½ of all estate exempt lands for her lifetime or widowhood; to daughter Susanna CHANCE, 20 schillings; to daughter Sarah WILLIAMS, 144 acres of land at my death and the 144 acres lent to my wife at her decease or remarriage. To wife’s daughter Ann MURPHY, furniture, cows and pigs; to the children of Sarah WILLIAMS and of William Herbert ROUSE, after debts paid all that was lent my wife at her death. Exrs: wife Pricilla and Benjamin WILLIAMS. Wts: John PARRY, Starling GUNTER, John PARRY, Jr.

Pg. 728 –> 135.136- Jan 16, 1837 Ribey (Riley?) JACKSON to Lewis O. BRYAN for $600.00, 2 tracts of land containing 213 acres in all, patented by Samuel LAMBETH for 200 acres, July 30, 1771, at Neal’s corner near Trent road at Jonothan M. PARSON’S line to LAMBETH’S old corner, near Harrey’s branch, and the other 13 acres, patented Oct. 5, 1797 by Aaron Parker, at Samuel LAMBETH’S line. Wts: John ROUSE, Thomas WADSWORTH.

Pg. 836 –> 87-May 8, 1849. Calvin ROUSE and wife, Nancy Jane ROUSE, appoint William G. FORDHAM their attorney to receive their share of estate of Owen B. COX, which he willed to his children, of which Nancy Jane ROUSE is one.

DEED BOOKS 16 & 17 (1823-1827)

Pg. 597 —> 161-Mar 13, 1824. James BEESLY to Lewis O. BRYAN for $330.00, negro. Wts: John ROUSE

Pg. 700 –> 319-June 22, 1832. Benjamin BLACKLEDGE, Alice BLACKLEDGE and George WHITFIELD and wife, Louisa, to William D. COBB for $600.00 for a tract of land being part of that granted to Thomas JONES, April 1731 on the north side of Vine swamp and which is included in a deed to William D. COBB by John COBB, Oct 6, 1831, and bounded by land patented to John JACKSON, Apr 9, 1770, also included in said deed to John COBB and on east land patented to Thomas JONES and included in the deed to John COBB containing 110 acres.  Wts: Nathan SANTTER, James R. CROOM (This is from Lenoir, N.C.) Deposition of Louisa, wife of George WHITFIELD, taken by Jesse LASSITER, Wm. GRAY and Jonathan ROUSE as to her willingness to sell land.

Pg. 786 –> 220-Mar. 23, 1839. Wm. B. F. FORT and wife, Evelinar B. FORT, of Wayne Co., N.C., to Needham BEESLEY of Jones Co., N.C. for $1100.00, 550 acres in Jones Co., N. C., on south side of Neues river adjoining land of Needham B. BEESLEY, James

DEED BOOK 22 (1848-1856)

Pg. 180 –> 447.448-Dec 12, 1792. William and John EAGERTON of Onslow Co., to Charles EAGERTON for 60 pounds, 400 acres on east side of head of Whiteoak river and both sides of Great Branch, being part of grant to William HARPER at John STILLY’S line. Wts: Obediah SCOTT, James EAGERTON.

Pg. 728 –> 135-Mar 5 1850. Wiley KOONCE to Littleton HAWKINS for $200.00, land on Reedy branch adjoining land of John S. KOONCE, containing 300 acres. Wts: Geo W. KORNEGAY, J. W. ROUSE.

Pg. 837 –> 100, 101-Clerk and Master of Equity Court-John P. COX, William B. COX, William G. FORDHAM and wife Delily, Levi BECTON and wife Mary, Julia COX and Judith COX, by their guardian, make compliant against William NUNN and wife, Laney Ann, Calvin ROUSE and wife Nancy Jane, and Gabriel COX…as lands be sold. Henry RHODES became purchaser at $4812.00, land adjoining Joseph BROCK’S line, Ignatious W. BROCK’S line, John S. KOONCE’S line, and Henry RHODE’S line at edge of Cypress creek swamp near Gipson Springs, to FRANCKS’ old patent line where Rice DULIN’S 200 acre line crosses at line of James SHINE, deceased, at my line to John S. KOONCE’s line, containing 2500 acres, which lands were conveyed by Lott MILLS to Owen B. COX, Jan 18 1844.  Wts: Chas. GEROCK

Pg. 930 –> 357-Dec 9, 1860. Richard KOONCE of Lenoir Co., N.C., to his daughter, Hepsebiah A. ROUSE, wife of Alex E. ROUSE, a deed of gift of land in Jones Co., adjoining land of Bryan OUTLAW and others, containing 50 acres.  Wts: Alexander TILGHMAN, J. A. HARTLY.