Bryans vs. Parsons

Edward Bryan vs Jeremiah Parsons~1807
Source: Nc Archives
Written: 1807

# 100 – BRYAN vs PARSONS

Craven Co 1807 – Edward Bryan vs Jeremiah Parsons – states that John Bryan was the father of Edward Bryan – his grandfather was Edward Bryan Sr – case was regarding a deed from John Martin Frank to Edward Bryan Sr and from his son John Bryan to John Hill Bryan, the plf, William, Frederick and Joseph Bryan but reserving a life estate for said John Bryan in 1785 – the original deed from John Martin Frank to Edward Bryan was lost – there had been an earlier suit when plf’s father John, died in Jones Co in July 1792 – case mentions that John Bryan was an infant when his father Edward died and Nathan Bryan was his guardian – a plot of the land in question was included – on the Trent River, Jack’s Cabin Branch