George Whaley or County Line Cemetery

Jones County, NC

Surveyed by Bridgette Diaz 1975

The following is a complete listing of the tombstones in the George Whaley or County Line Cemetery in Jones County, NC.

Location on Pleasant Hill Rd right at the Jones County/Lenoir line. As you head towards Pink Hill from the Pleasant Hill Church, there is a field about a couple of hundred yards from the Church on the right hand side. In that field, there is another cemetery which is hidden in the clump of trees that has five or six stones still standing. Right pass that field is a yellowish trailer. You have to pull into the yard of the trailer, go to the begining of the corn field in the back, and right in the curve of the trees, you can see some of the stones.

Transcribers notes in parenthesis

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    The epitaphs are as follows:

    Sherman Brinson son of RD and Julia Brinson b. 4 Oct 1903 d 9 June 1904 Nancy Taylor Hall b. 1896 d. 1966 (wife of Amos Hall and daughter of James Braddock and Laura Ann Taylor) Felix Taylor b. 1903 d. 1954 (son of James Braddock and Laura Ann Taylor) John Taylor b. 1906 d. 1960 (son of James Braddock and Laura Ann Taylor) Katie Taylor b. 1891 d. 1973 (daughter of James Braddock and Laura Ann Taylor) Laura A Taylor b. 1868 d. 22 Dec 1936 (Wife of James Braddock Taylor daughter of Jesse G Taylor and Clarissa King) Lina Berbar Taylor dau of Ben and Pennie Taylor b. 4 Dec 1913 d. 07 Dec 1913 Eveline Whaley wife of George Whaley b 06 Apr 1837 d 19 May 1917 George Whaley b 20 Nov 1831 d 31 Jan 1888 (Son of Clara King and James Whaley. Uncle to James Braddock Taylor. George served in the Civil War. He served with the 61st NC Infantry, Company K). Harriet Whaley (I know George had a sister named Harriet, but I do not know if this is her, or a child of George that he named Harriet. I have no dates listed) Several Wooden Markers Taylor Headstone. (This headstone was placed here by Pearl Taylor Jenkins. Her father, James Braddock Taylor was buried in this graveyard, but either they did not have a stone, or it was destroyed. My grandfather brought us to this headstone and told us that his father James Braddock Taylor was buried there).

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