Slaves of James Harrison

Today the UNC Library announced the launch of a new digital collection from the UNC Southern Historical Collection.  The SHC has digitized 35+ of their collections w/ emphasis on African-American interests.   You can read the announcement online here.

I’ve not had a chance to fully explore everything on the site (I’m sure that will take awhile!), but a collection I quickly located of interest was that of plantation owner James Harrison, of Craven & Jones counties.  According to the collection abstract he died circa 1846.  His 48-page ledger has been digitized and been made available online.   Know what’s on page 5 of that ledger? A list of 24 states belonging to his estate and their value.  I’m not the best at reading handwriting from that era, but it appears as if the list is as follows:

  • Silas – $500
  • Mary – $450
  • Harriett – $175
  • Isaac – $400
  • Sarah – $350
  • Venus – $175
  • Saunders – $400
  • Eliza & child – $500
  • Peny Sr. – $35
  • Hagar & child – $450
  • Eliza Jr. – $425
  • Betty – $275
  • Lewis – $400
  • Grace & child – $350
  • Rachel – $375
  • Leah – $425
  • Ellis – $275
  • Jamina – $275
  • Tim – $160
  • Tener – $450
  • Peny Jr. – $225
  • Nathan – $140
  • Serina – $200
  • Sutton – $100

The ledger page also indicates to whom each slave went to.   The ledger also includes pages describing plantation life and even details on the amount of cotton picked by several named workers.  This is such a valuable resource for anyone working on their African-American history from this area.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like to find one of your ancestors listed here.

I have added a link to this collection from the Families page.

Koonce Genealogy

Okay – this is a self-serving post, but it is because of my Koonce roots that I took on Jones County anyway! 😀

New on the Families page is a link to my site dedicated to Koonce genealogy.  I launched the site a couple of weeks ago and intend it as a place to focus the research that I do on my own Koonce family, the Koonce families of North Carolina and throughout the country.  On the site I have links to the various Koonce lineages I’ve been collecting over the past couple of  years and which I look forward to growing through collaborations with other Koonce researchers.

Visit the Families page or click on the image below to visit.


Site added to Families Page

New on the Families page is a link to the website of James Griffin.  James has ties to the Eubanks, Griffin, Jarman & Koonce families of Jones County.  His site is built using TribalPages which enables you to interact with many generations on his family tree.  James has been researching his family for more than 20 years.


Visit the site to learn more.