HARGETT, Peter – (d. 1841)

DIED – In Jones county, on the 5th inst., after a short but severe illness, Mr. Peter HARGETT, a highly esteemed and worthy citizen, leaving only a daughter to mourn the bereavement of a fond and doting parent.

Source: North Carolina Standard (Raleigh, NC). 21 July 1841.  Available online at ChroniclingAmerica.


HUTCHINS, Willie – (d. 1882)

Extracted from the Jones County Items column:

Willie HUTCHINS a nephew of Mrs. PARKER about 14 years of age, died in this place last Saturday night, of heart disease.

Source: New Berne Weekly Journal , 6 April 1882, page 3. 

SIMMONS, Amos (d. 1883)

Excerpted from the Jones County Items column:

Amos SIMMONS, the little son of Mr. Joseph SIMMONS, was killed on Saturday, the 8th inst., on the road near his home by falling out of a wagon and the wheel passing over him.  He lived but a short time after the accident.  He was buried on Sunday evening.

Source: New Berne Weekly Journal , 20 December 1883, page 3. 

DUVAL, Nancy (d. 1883)

Excerpted from the Jones County Items column:

Mrs. Nancy DUVAL, relict of Dr. Francis DUVAL and formerly a citizen of Trenton, died on Monday morning, the 10th inst., at the residence of Mr. Samuel GEROCK in Onslow county.  Mrs. DUVAL was very old and had been infirm for a number of years.  She was a worthy member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  She was loved and respected by her many friends.  She was buried by the side of her lamented husband in the church yard at Trenton on Tuesday, the 11th, at 11 o’clock.

Source: New Berne Weekly Journal , 20 December 1883, page 3. 

BROWN, Hardy (d. 1834)

Raleigh Register
February 18, 1834

DIED – at his residence, in Twiggs county, Ga., Hardy BROWN, a native of Jones county, in this State, in the 39th year of his age. He emigrated to Georgia, about eight years since, carrying with him a character for industry, honesty and patriotism.

BROWN, Mary (d. 1819)

DIED, in Jones County, on Sunday the eleventh inst. Mrs. Mary BROWN, the amiable wife of Isaac BROWN, Esq.  In the death of this excellent woman, female society has lost one of its brightest ornaments, the neighborhood a dear friend, and her weeping relations are left to mourn their irreparable loss.  Possessed of all those amiable qualities, that adorn and beautify the female sex, she was excelled by none, in the practical exercise of piety, virtue & benevolence.  A mild, meek and  humble devotion to the doctrines and principles of the holy religion of the Lamb of God, at all times characterised her conduct and conversation; and we trust and believe, that her immortal spirit, which but a few days since was confined within the frail tabernacle of mortality, and agonized by death and disease, has now “winged its flight, on pinions of love,” to the mansions of etherial [sic] bliss; and is now in the full fruition of all the joys of heaven, which are prepared for the faithful followers, of the blessed Jesus, where “wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest.” — A Friend.

Source: Newbern Sentinel, 27 Nov 1819, pg. 3.

WYES, Selby H. (d. 1821)

Died – on the 19th inst., at the seat of Mr. Edwin BECTON, Jones County, the Rev. Selby H. WYES, aged about 43.

Mr. WYES was a gracious and useful man.  He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and freely gave himself up to seek and save perishing sinners.  Though not regularly attached to the travelling connexion, he had been a laborious itenerant Preacher nearly three years.  His ministry was not without seals in New River; and in Raleigh Circuit, his meekness, love, prayers, tears, sermons, and exhortations will not soon be forgotten.

He wanted no appeal from labor, danger, or suffering.  His willing soul said with Isaiah, “Here am I, send me,” – -and, when struggling with the king of terrors in the arms of death, his supreme desires appear to have been, “to recommend his Savior to others and to make a speedy believing application to him for safety and happiness.”  As he lived, so he died, a Christian, in full expectation of a blessed immortality.

“Far from a world of toil and strife,
He’s present with the Lord,
The labors of his mortal life,
End in a rich reward.”

Source: New Bern Sentinel. 1 Dec 1821. pg. 3.