Freedman Bank Records: 1865-1874

The Freedman’s Savings and Trust Company, popularly known as the Freedman’s Bank, was incorporated by Congress on March 3, 1865, and the bank maintained some 37 offices in 17 states, including the District of Columbia.

Because of mismanagement, abuse, fraud, and other economic factors, the Freedman’s Bank failed in 1874, leaving tens of thousands of its depositors in economic ruin.  Learn more about these records at the FamilySearch Research Wiki.

Images of the records are available for free online via FamilySearch (access here).  However, for convenience, individuals from Jones County are listed here.  Search the FamilySearch database for more information and images of each bank record.

Name Father Mother
, Angeline N/A N/A
Allen, Harmon N/A N/A
Allen, Mary Henry Best Betsy Baker
Becton, George George Miriam
Bell, Rachel Balaam Hill Elsie Hill
Bivens, George Ivy Rose
Borden, Eliza Joseph Hatch Sukey Hatch
Brock, Hannah N/A N/A
Bryan, Jas. H.C. N/A N/A
Bryant, Robert Reuben B. Tamar B.
Cather, Robert Green Maria
Dillahunt, Charlotte George Fordham Fanny Fordham
Dillahunt, March N/A N/A
Dillahunt, Silas John Bray Chloe Bray
Dixon, Amilla N/A N/A
Dudley, Maffie N/A N/A
Dudley, Samuel Jim Chrissey
Edwards, Andrew James Frank Edwards Rosanna Hargate
Flemmings, Hester N/A N/A
Foscue, Mary N/A N/A
Foster, Geo. N/A Mary
Foy, Anthony Caesar Foy Eliza Foy
Foy, Julia Ann Sam Sander Mary Foy
Foy, Primus Caleb Foy June Foy
Franks, Thomas Ketter (cato?) Franks, Lucy F. Franks
Green, Michael Lunnon G. Phyliss G.
Hargate, Jonas Demas Hargate Becky Hargate
Harget, Demos Demos Rebecca
Hatch, Harriet Simon Hatch Rachel
Hatch, Stephen Thomas Reynolds Affie
Hines, Lot N/A N/A
Howard, Alfred Primus H. Margaret Howard
Johnson, George H. Wm. J. Pleasant
Jones, Hilliard N/A Angeline Bryant
Jones, Philip Cyphax Jones Gilly Jones
Jones, Wm. P. Hardy Katy
Kinsey, Mitchel N/A N/A
Koonce, Loderic N/A N/A
Laughinghouse, Simon Jacob Armstrong Chelsea L.
Lee, Stephany Stephany Lee Mary Ventus
Lyles, Francis N/A N/A
Murphy, Oliver Anthony Murphy Susan
Rooks, Henry Hayes Allmon Lucy
Simmons, Isaiah Thomas Simmons Hannah
Simmons, Mary James Bryan Grace
Smith, Silas Thomas Harriett
Watts, Caroline N/A N/A
Westbrook, Allen J. Giles Williams Zilthy Williams
Whitty, Maria N/A N/A
Willams, Harriet Ananijah McDaniels Anny Hill
Williams, Bryant N/A N/A
Williams, Frank Daniel Williams Chloe Williams