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 Robert Love Survey Map


Maps of the original Love Survey, 1820, includes the areas of Macon County that are in present day Jackson County. This was the land that became available for settlement after the Treaty of 1819 with the Cherokee.  From the cession of the land in 1819 until Macon was formed in 1828 this land was part of Haywood County. 


This is a very useful interactive map in which portions of interest can be enlarged. 


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Jackson County: In the Beginning...

The petition to form Jackson County


A transcription of the actual petition sent to the state legislature and the names of almost 300 men who signed the original petition.




Migration Patterns of Jackson County People

An interesting article on the in-migration and out-migration of Jackson County people.  This information is essential to tracing family prior to their arrival in Jackson County and in finding families or family members who moved on westward.



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