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James Watson- 1826
April 17, 1826 - May Term 1826
Will: Hyde Co., NC Will Book 4; pgs. 153-154
Estate: Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.77

In the name of God amen. I, James Watson, of the county of Hyde and state of North Carolina, do make and ordain this my last will & testament in manner & form following, viz:
Imprimis: I will & bequeath to my two grandsons, Samuel G. Watson & Jabiz G. Watson, the land and plantation whereon I now live, containing sixty-five acres with fifty acres of Lake flats adjoining.

Item: I will and bequeath to my wife, Sarah Watson, one-seventh part of my personal estate.

Item: I will and bequeath to my son, Benajah Watson, one hundred dollars to be raised out of my estate in such manner as my executor, hereinafter named, may think proper.

Item: I will and bequeath to my grand son, Gideon Midgett, fifteen acres of swamp land lying back of William Watson & Reuben Benson lands on the South side of the lake.

Item: I will & bequeath to my grand son, Bannister Midgett, my one share in the Rose Bay Turnpike Company's road and touching all the rest of my estate both real & personal I bequeath it in manner and form following, that is to say, that it shall be equally divided between my three daughters, Nancy Midgett, Rebecca Swindle, Prudence Spencer and my grandchildren, the offspring of Mahala Hodges and Mary Eliza Burges. It is to be fully understood that it is my will that my grand children Hodges & my grand daughter, Mary E. Burges, should have one share each, that is to say, my grand children Hodges one share and my grand daughter Mary E. Burges one share. And it is further my will that if my grand daughter Burges should die without issue that in such case the property by me given to her in this my last will should be divided equally between my four children Nancy Midgett, Rebecca Swindle, Prudence Spencer & Benajah Watson and my will further is that my lands not already specially bequeathed in this my last will should be sold by my executor at a private sale on a credit of not more than two years if he thinks proper to do so & if not to be divided as afore alluded to in this my will.

I constitute and appoint my brother, William Watson, whole & sole executor to this my last will and testament and i do hereby disannul & disavow all other wills made heretofore by or through me whatsoever.

Signed, sealed, published & declared this to be my last will and testament this April 17 day 1826 in the presence of
Daniel Murray
Aaron Carrowan

/s/ James Watson     Seal

The forgoing last will and testament of James Watson was exhibited into court and proved by the oath of Daniel Murray, a subscribing witness thereto, and ordered to be recorded.
/s/ Jno. B. Jasper, Clk.


Hyde Co., N.C. County Court Minutes (1820-1844); Microfilm C.053.30003
May Term 1826 - Ordered that William Watson, executor of the last will & testament of James Watson, dec'd., sell negro woman Rose, negro name Brister, negro woman Nance & negro boy Port.
August Term 1826 - The inventory & account of sales of the estate of James Watson was returned by the executor.
November Term 1826 - Panel to audit & settle accounts between the estate of James Watson & his executor, William Watson.
May Term 1827 -  A deed from William Watson, executor of James Watson, to Sparrow Midyett was proved by the oath of Riley Murray.

November Term 1828 - Account of sales of the estate of James Watson, dec'd. sold June 1826 by Wm. Watson (This was a very lengthy sale so this is only a partial list.)

the crop of corn on the ground Henry W. Gibbs $ 38.80
the crop of cotton on the ground Benajah Watson      4.25
the crop of potatoes on the ground Sally Watson      3.30
1st choice of cow & calf Sparrow Midyett      7.45
2nd choice of cow & calf Wm. Selby      6.50
3rd choice of cow & calf Joseph Tunnel      5.80
5th choice of cow & calf Marcus Swindell      5.10
6th choise of cow & calf Daniel Murray      4.30
7th choice of cow & calf Timothy Burgess      4.90
4 head of hogs 1st choice Edward Spencer      6.05
1 cart & harness Henry White    20.30
1 grindstone Sparrow Midyett        .50
1 lot turkeys B.L. Ensley      1.75
1 lot fowls Thos. Gaskill      1.00
1 cow hyde Dan'l. ONeal      1.55
wheat patch R. Murray    26.05
1 canoe Benedict Neal    15.00
1 mahogany table Sam'l. Brooks    17.50
Negro man named Brister Arnold Gray  260.25
Negro boy named Port Caleb Brooks  418.00
Negro woman named Nancy Sam'l. Brooks  280.30
Negro woman Rose to lowest bidder S. Midyett (Sparrow)    62.00
1 piece homespun Wm. White        .431/2
cash on hand at his decease      15.00

Hyde Co., N.C. Record of Wills; Vol. 4
November Term 1828 - William Watson, Ext'r., in account current with the estate of James Watson, dec'd.; Vouchers from April 1826 - May 1827; Mentions paid E. Hall for making 2 coffins; also paid Sparrow Midyett for taking Negro Rose; also mentions 168 acres of land on Heron Bay, 1 tract in the Lake Swamp and 1 tract of land on the Pungo River.

Pursuant to a commission from Court Feby. Term 1827, we have audited the accounts and find the sum of $1759.22 due the estate for personal and a further sum of $280.97 due the estate in the sales of land.  Done at the Court House near Lake Landing this 30th day of May 1827. Recorded Feby. Term 1829.
/s/ Benj. Saunderson, T.H. Selby, Wm. Selby

February Term 1829 - Amount of the sales of the land belonging to the estate of James Watson. dec'd.
Dec. 16, 1826 -- 168 acres of land on Heron Bay at 12 months credit     $150.00
Feb. 27, 1827 -- 1 tract in the Lake Swamp at 6 months credit                 $100.75
1 tract on the Pongo River                                                                          $  45.00

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