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Samuel M. Pugh - 1862
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.56

Aug. 6, 1862 - Judith Pugh relinquishes her right of administration on the estate of her deceased husband, Samuel M. Pugh, in favor of Edward L. Mann.  /s/ Judith [x] Pugh

Aug. 12, 1862 - Edward L. Mann, along with W.W. Spencer and Jones Spencer as his securities, signed an administrator's bond for $2000.00.  /s/ Edwd. L. Mann, W.W. Spencer, Jones Spencer

Aug. 23, 1862 - A one year's provision is laid off for Juda Pugh, widow of Samuel M. Pugh, dec'd., by L.S. Midyett, Thos. M. Davis and Geo. L. Credle, Jeptha Rose, JP.

Aug. Term 1862 - Judith Pugh states that sometime in June 1862 Samuel M. Pugh died intestate & was seized and possessed of certain lands: one tract of land in Hyde Co. lying on Far Creek and joining the lands of Thomas M. Davis & E. H. Saunderson containing about 100 acres. Also another tract on Waupopin Creek adjoining Cason G. Spencer & David Carter which contains about 100 acres and at his death these lands descended to Jabez Sadler & his wife Fanny Sadler and David Hopkins and his wife Mary R. Hopkins as heirs-at-law. Judith petitions the court for 1/3 part of the said lands as her dower, being the widow of Samuel M. Pugh.  /s/N. Beckwith

Nov. Term 1863 - Jabez Sadler and wife Frances D. and David Hopkins and wife Mary, and Judy Pugh against Edward L. Mann, administrator of Samuel Pugh, deceased.  Petitioners state that they are children and distributees of the said Samuel Pugh and that E. L. Mann obtained Letters of Administration on his estate wherein said Mann took into his possession a large personal estate consisting of Negroes and cash on hand amounting to not less than $2000.00 and also several bonds, notes and accounts due the estate of not less than $1000.00.  Petitioners as that said Mann appear at next term of court and make a true and full accounting as administrator.  /s/ N. Beckwith, Solicitor
    Jabez D. Sadler and his wife Frances and David Hopkins and his wife Mary state that Samuel Pugh, deceased, was possessed at his death a tract of land lying on Waupoppin Creek adjoining the lands of James Adams, David Carter and Cason G. Spencer containing 150 acres more or less.  Also one other tract on the Canal leading from the Ridge at David Spencer's to Far Creek adjoining the lands of Erasmus Saunderson, which said Ridge was purchased of E.H. Saunderson containing 125 acres, all of which are situated in Hyde County.  Samuel Pugh died intestate leaving Frances and Mary surviving and they are do one half each.  They ask that his land be partitioned off to them.  /s/ N. Beckwith, Solicitor

Feb. Term 1865 - [Basically the same petition as Nov. Term 1863 except now the tract on Waupoppin Creek has diminished to 75 acres.]

Aug. 7, 1866 - Commissioners partition land - Commissioners laid off to Judith Pugh her dower & thirds in the lands of Samuel M. Pugh, dec'd. beginning at a post on the road 84 1/2 poles from Waupopin bridge & running to the Indian line containing 36 2/3 acres including the homestead.  Commissioners also laid off to Judith Pugh 33 1/3 acres, excepting the houses, which they gave to Mary Hopkins provided she reserves it from the dower land.
Lot #1--To Mary Hopkins 55 acres valued At $100.00
Lot #2--To Fanny Sadler 55 acres valued At $100.00
Lot #4--To Mary Hopkins 50 acres valued At $750.00
Lot #5--To Fanny Sadler 50 acres valued At $750.00

Feb. 10, 1868 - Estate of Samuel M. Pugh, dec'd., in account with Edward L. Mann, Administrator.  Mentions bank notes in Hamburg, South Carolina, Union, Georgia and the State of North Carolina; also mentions Judith Pugh's distributive share of the estate of $744.30, David J. Hopkins share of the estate of $744.50 and J.D. Sadler's distributive share of $846.17.  Amount due the estate was $714.97.

Spring Term 1876 - Samuel M. Rollins vs E. L. Mann -- The said Samuel M. Rollins states that Warren Spencer as the principle & Samuel Mann as his security, made their promissory note to Samuel M. Pugh as guardian of Samuel M. Rollins, then an infant, for $600.00 and that when Samuel Pugh died E.L. Mann was appointed adm'r. and took into his possession the above described note & converted said note to his own use and said Samuel M. Rollins has never received any compensation for said note and is demanding judgment for $600.00.  /s/ D.M. Carter & Warren Myers, Attys. for plaintiff

Spring Term 1880 (Hyde Co. Superior Court) - Samuel M. Rollins vs. Edward L. Mann [writing is poor but it appears they bound this case over to Beaufort County]

[NOTE:]  Samuel Mann Pugh was born July 11, 1806 & died July 16, 1862.  He was first married to Charlotte P. Paine (1813-1837) on Jan. 25, 1831 and they had 3 children: 1) Frances Ann "Fannie" Pugh who married Jabez D. Sadler on Aug. 31, 1859; 2) Mary Ann Rebecca Pugh who married David J. Hopkins; and Samuel Pugh who was born c1837 and probably died young.  Samuel married Judith Spencer c1838 and they had at least one, William S. Pugh who was born c1839 and probably did not live to adulthood.]  

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