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Joseph D. Pugh - 1850
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.55

May Term 1850 -
    Sam'l. M. Pugh, along with his securities Will W. Spencer & Thos. R. Gibbs, signed an administrator's bond for $1000.00 on May 27, 1850 in order that Sam'l. M. Pugh might administer on the estate of Joseph Pugh, deceased.  /s/ Saml. M. Pugh, Thos. R. Gibbs, Will W. Spencer
    The petition of Elizabeth M. Pugh states that she is the widow of Joseph D. Pugh who died the first of the present month intestate, leaving her unprovided for.  Letters of administration have been issued to Sam'l. M. Pugh as administrator of this estate.  She petitions the court for one year's provision.  She also states that her husband was seized & possessed of 6 1/3 acres on Chickamacomico Banks adjoining William Weatherington on the north, and William D. Pugh on the south, and by his death this land descended to Samuel M. Pugh, Rinaldo Midyett & wife Clarisa, Edmond D. Stow & wife Fanny, and the heirs-at-law of Benjamin D. Pugh, dec'd., named Clarissa Ann Pugh, Elizabeth Pugh, John Paine Pugh, Benjamin S.M. Pugh, Adaline B. Pugh, Sam'l. J. Pugh and Tilman F. Pugh and William W. Pugh, the last named are infants and without guardian.  She asks the court for her dower & also a guardian to be appointed for minors.  /s/ F.B. Satterthwaite, Solicitor
    Notice from Sam;. M. Pugh, adm'r. of the estate of Joseph D. Pugh, notifying all persons having claims against the estate to make immediate payment.  /s/ Sam'l. M. Pugh, Adm'r.

June 21, 1850 - Acct. of sales of the personal estate of the late Joseph D. Pugh, deceased, after having been duly notified, was exposed to publick auction at a credit of six months by Samuel M. Pugh, Administrator.  Various buyers were: E.M. Pugh who bought the mill, Wm. H. Meekins who bought the canoe, a Bible bought by Maryann Pugh, John Best, Lafayette Douglas, Joseph Durden, Ebenezer M. Pain, Benjamin F. Midyett, Zion F. Scarborough, and others.

July 13, 1850 - Dower allottment to Elizabeth M. Pugh, widow of Joseph D. Pugh, deceased.  Lying near the sound running along Wm. Wetherington's north line east out a small distance on the seabeach thence north to Wm. Pugh's south line thence west down said line to near the sound thence south to the first station, including the dwelling house and some other improvements, it being the one-third part of the above mentioned land and premises.  /s/ Edward O'Neal, Abraham C. Farrow, David W. Farrow

Aug. Term 1850 - Inventory & Acct. of Sales returned into Court by Samuel M. Pugh, Adm'r. and ordered to be recorded.  /s/ Will. W. Spencer

Nov. 18, 1850 at Chickamacomico Banks - We, the undersigned, in obedience to an order of Court at May Term 1850 met for the purpose of laying off a sufficiency for the support of widow, Elizabeth M. Pugh & family for the space of one year and we, the said commissioners, proceeded and giving the subject due consideration hereby agree that there are neither stock nor crop to give an allotment.  We have enumerated the items which we think to be absolutely necessary for one years support and find the aggregate sum of $250.27 to be sufficient.  /s/ Ezekie Midyett, Solomon Paine, Cornelius Paine

Records pertinent to this estate record--
    Hyde Co. Deed Bk. 1; pg. 11 - William Weatherington sold to Joseph D. Pugh, for $31.00, a tract of land on Chickamacomico Banks beginning at the marsh at William Weatherington's and running to the sea beach, then to Lafayette Douglass' line, containing 6 2/3 acres on February 31?. 1843.
    1850 Hyde Co., NC Mortality Census states Joseph D. Pugh, age 48, died in May of Liver Consumption

[NOTE:]  Joseph Daniel Pugh, son of Paul Sparrow Pugh & Mary Ann Daniels, was born Dec. 12, 1801 and died May 1, 1850.  He married Elizabeth Weatherington, daughter of William Weatherington & Anna Midyett, before 1842 and they had one son, William W. Pugh who was born c1842.  The other heirs-at-law mentioned in this estate are the following:
    1) Samuel M. Pugh - s/o Paul Sparrow Pugh & Mary Ann Daniels and brother to Joseph D. Pugh. dec'd.
    2) Clarissa (Pugh) Midyett, wife of Rinaldo Midyett - d/o Paul Sparrow Pugh & Mary Ann Daniels and sister to Joseph D. Pugh. dec'd.
    3) Fanny (Pugh) Paine Stowe, widow of John Paine, Sr. and now wife of Edmond D. Stowe - d/o Paul Sparrow Pugh & Mary Ann Daniels and sister to Joseph D. Pugh, dec'd.
    4) Benjamin D. Pugh - s/o Paul Sparrow Pugh & Mary Ann Daniels and brother to Joseph D. Pugh, dec'd.  Benjamin was born March 17, 1809 and died between 1840-1850 and left 7 children named Clarissa Ann Pugh, Elizabeth Pugh, John Paine Pugh, Benjamin S.M. Pugh, Adaline B. Pugh, Samuel J. Pugh & Tilman F. Pugh who was a minor at the time this estate was administered on.
    Joseph D. Pugh's widow, Elizabeth, remarried on June 28, 1851 to Joseph S. Gray they had two children together--Elizabeth J. Gray and John G. Gray

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