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John Payne/ Paine, Sr. - 1839
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.55

Nov. 25, 1839 - Signing a bond for $500.00 were: Daniel S. Midyett, Administrator, Richard Gray and Ananias Sadler

Dec. 19, 1839 - Account of Sales of the personal estate of John Paine, Sr., dec'd., after having been legally advertised, was exposed to public auction at six months credit, the purchasers then giving their notes with approved security.  Total sale amounted to $219.24.  Edmund D. Stowe & Daniel S. Midyett were the main buyers.  /s/ Daniel S. Midyett, Administrator

Feb. Term 1840 - To the worshipful the justices of said court. The petition of Edmund D. Stowe and Fanny Stowe, his wife, respectfully shows that some time in January 1831 John Payne died intestate leaving your petitioner Fanny his widow and Betsy Paine, now the wife of Daniel Midyett, Mary Ann Payne, Lydia Payne, Fanny Payne, Clarissa Payne and John Payne, all of whom are minors without a guardian, his heirs-at-law. That the said John Payne died seized in fee simple of a certain tract of land lying in your said county on the Banks containing about 70 acres of land whereof about fifty acres are cleared whereupon he most usually resided at the period of his death, by force whereof your petitioner Fanny, became entitled to her dower in the said lands and tenements. That subsequently and about four years ago your petitioner, Fanny, married the other petitioner, Edmund D. Stowe. Your petitioners therefore pray of your worshipful court that you would cause a writ of dower to pass to the sheriff of the said county commanding him to summon a jury of twelve lawful freeholders of his said county to go upon the premises aforesaid and lay off and allot to your petitioners, in severalty the one-third part of the said lands and tenements including the dwelling house in which the said John Payne most usually resided at the time of his death, as the dower of the said Fanny Stowe and make return of their proceedings in the premises at the next ensuing term of your said court under their hands and seals according to the form of the statute in that case made and provided. Your petitioners further pray of your worships to appoint a guardian, ad litem, to maintain and defend the interests of the infant heirs in this matter and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray. /s/ Wm. B. Rodman, Attorney for petitioners

To the Sheriff of Hyde County - You are hereby commanded to summon a jury of twelve good & lawful freeholders, unconnected with the parties either by affinity or consanguinity and entirely disinterested, to go upon the premises and on oath to allot & set off to Edmund D. Stow and wife Fanny, her right, the said Fanny's dower in the lands of her dec'd. husband, John Paine, as prayed for in the petition of said Edmund & Fanny, a copy of which is hereto annexed, and that they make report of what they may do in the premises under their hands & seals to our court of pleas and quarter sessions to be held for the county of Hyde at the court house in Swan Quarter on the last Monday of May next & have you then show this writ. Witness: Richard M.G. Moore, Clerk of our said court, at office the last Monday
of February 1840. /s/ R.M.G. Moore, Clk.

Apr. 1, 1840 - Allotment & laying off of one year's provision to Fanny Stow as prayed for at the said worshipful court of Feb'r. Term.

[Hyde Co., N.C. Deed Book Z; Pg. 141-142] - Israel Brooks, Sheriff, attended by Ezekiel Midyett, Christopher Flowers, Solomon Paine, Richard Gray, Nichodemus Midyett, Ira Midyett, Joseph Midyett, Joshua Gray, Ezekiel Hooper, Edward O'Neal, Jacob Midyett & Samuel Meekins, all met on April 1, 1840 to lay off a dower of 1/3 to Fanny Paine, widow of John Paine, dec'd., now Fanny Stow. The plantation lying in Hyde County on Chickamacomico Banks & joining Thomas Paine, the sea and the heirs of Benjamin Paine, containing 20 acres & including the dwelling house.   Wit: Israel Brooks, Sheriff

Mar. 2, 1842 - The estate of John Pain. dec'd.,  in account current with Daniel S. Midyett, adm'r. - A balance of $54.00 was due the estate.

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