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William Paine - 1835
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.55

May 26, 1835 - Signing an administrator's bond for $200.00 were: Dameron Pugh, administrator, Little John Pugh, and Banister Midyett

June 15th 1835 - Account of the sales of William Paine, deceasd, by Dameron Pugh, admr.  Various buyers were: Little John Pugh, Hardy Swindell, Joseph P. Pugh, Samuel M. Pugh, Israel Brooks, Bethany Paine, Daniel Midyett, Sparrow M. Paine, Reubin Berry, and Joshua White.  Total amounted to $214.15.  /s/ D. Pugh, admr

Aug. Term 1835 - Then was the acct. sales retd into Court by Dameron Pugh, Admr, on oath & ordered to be recorded.  Test: Riley Murray, Clk.

Nov. 31, 1835 [yes, it says the 31st] - Dameron Pugh, Daniel Murray and Benjamin Midyett, all of Hyde County, were bound to the state of North Carolina for $600.00 when Dameron Pugh was made guardian of William Rebecca Paine, minor orphan of William Paine.

Feb. 26, 1838 - Guardian bond for $700.00 is signed by Daniel Midyett, guardian to Rebecca Paine, Israel Brooks & Will. W. Spencer.

May Term 1838 - To the worshipful the justices of said court.  Your petitioner Daniel Midyett shows your worships that heretofore the late Dameron Pugh, dec'd. administered on the estate of William Paine, dec'd. & received in his hands his personal estate to the amount of about two hundred & fifteen or twenty dollars as appears by his account of sales rendered. he shows your worships that Little John Pugh & Zilpha Pugh were by the last will & testament of D. Pugh appointed his executors & have duly qualified as such and that his estate is sufficient to pay any amounts due to the estate of said Wm. Paine, dec'd. He shows your worships that Rebecca Paine, a minor of tender years, is sole distributee of said Wm. Paine and your petitioner has been constituted, by order of this court, her guardian. He prays your worships the said executors may be decreed to account with him for said estate & to pay over to him such amount as may be found due.  /s/ W. Beckwith, Att.

Answer of L.J. & Zilpah Pugh, executors of Dameron Pugh, to the petitioner of Rebecca Paine by her guardian Dan'l. Midyett:
They admit their testator administered in the estate of Will Paine, dec'd. and rec'd his estate to the amount of $202.15 and that the same has not been paid over. They admit to pay the same and submit to such decree as your worships will make concerning the same.  /s/ W. Beckwith, Att.

May 30, 1838 - Pursuant to an order of the court of pleas & quarter sessions May Term 1838, we the undersigned commissioners have provided to audit & settle the accounts between Dameron Pugh, administrator, and the estate of Wm. Paine and find a balance due said estate of one hundred & ninety six dollars & twenty seven cents as per the above acct. Given under our hands & seals at the court house this 30th May A.D. 1838.  /s/ George H. Sheldon, Caleb Spencer, Cason G. Spencer, Commissioners

July 1838 - May 21, 1846 - Rebecca Paine, minor, in account current with Daniel Midyett, her guardian.  Mentions paid taxes for 1839, 1841, & 1844.   Paid Richd Sadler for 1 quarter of schooling.  /s/ Daniel Midyett, guardian.

May 25, 1846 - Guardian bond for $1200.00 is signed by Daniel Midyett, guardian to Rebecca Paine, Riley Murray, & Israel Brooks.

[Hyde Co., NC Deed Bk. 3; pgs 88-89] - Sparrow M. Pugh & his wife W.R.M. Pugh of Hyde County sold to Daniel Midyett of Hyde County, a tract of land in Hyde County on Mount Pleasant and bounded by the land formerly owned by Dameron Pugh, containing 15 acres, " being the same land that was conveyed by Dameron Pugh to William Paine as per deed of record dated June 6, 1831 and at the death of William Paine the said land descended to the said W.R.M. Paine, now the wife of Sparrow M. Pugh, she being his only child & heir at law..." This indenture was made August 28, 1849.  /s/ Sparrow M. Pugh, Wm. Rebecca M. Pugh

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