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Thomas Paine- 1859
NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.55

Feb. 5, 1859 - Harriet J. Paine of the county of Hyde & state of North Carolina have made, nominated & appointed & by these presents do make, nominate & appoint Capt. Cornelius Paine of the county of Hyde & state aforesaid, my true & lawful agent for me & in my name to apply to the worshipful Court Of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the county of Hyde at its next sitting say February Term ins't. for letters of administration on the estate of Thomas Paine, dec'd. & to carry on the business respecting such matters & things through all its hearings until he shall have fixed, settled & closed the same. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand at Chickamacomico Banks Feb'r. the 5th 1859.  /s/ Harriet J. Paine

Feb. 14, 1859 - Cornelius Pain, along with Oliver O'Neal & William W. Spencer as his securities, signed a bond of $1000.00 when Cornelius Paine became administrator of Thomas Pain, deceased.  /s/ Cornelius Paine, Oliver Oneal, W.W. Spencer

Feb. Term 1859 - Harriet J. Pain states that sometime in or about December 1858 Thomas Pain died intestate leaving her his widow with one child.  She further states that letters of administration were issued to Cornelius Pain and she asks the Court for her one year's provision.
    Harriet J. Pain vs. Anna W. Pain -- Harriet shows that Thomas Pain died intestate seized & possessed of a tract of land lying on Chicamacomico Banks adjoining the lands of Edmund D. Stow & Cyrus Hooper and that by his death the said land descended to Anna W. Pain and she asks that she receive her 1/3 dower of said land.  /s/ N. Beckwith, Solicitor

Apr. 20, 1859 - Account of Sales of all the property belonging to the estate of Thos. Paine, dec'd.  Various buyers included C.F. Haywood, Banister M. Gray, Saunderson Paine, Nicodemus Midyett, John A. Scarborough, & Lafayette Douglas.  Total sale amounted to $632.90.

May Term 1859 - Acct. sales & inventory of the estate of Thos. Paine, dec'd., returned into open court by Cornelius Paine, adm'r., on oath & ordered to be recorded.  /s/ W.W. Spencer, Clerk
    Commissioners lay off Harriet's one year's provision and they find it insufficient so they set over to her $111.40 to make up the difference.  /s/ Wm. S. Pugh, Cyrus Hooper, L. A. Midyett

Aug. 2, 1859 - Sheriff summons 12 people to lay off to Harriet J. Paine her dower in the lands of Thomas Paine, her deceased husband.  /s/ W.W. Spencer, Clk.

May Term 1860 - Petition of Harriet J. Paine and Any W. Midyett and Ezekiel Midyett her husband against Cornelius Paine, administrator of Thomas Paine.  They show that they are children of the said Thomas Paine who died in 1858 whereupon the said Cornelius Pain took possession of his estate which was not less than $500.00 and they have repeatedly asked that he make distribution to them.  They ask the Court to have said Cornelius Paine appear at next term of Court to make an accounting.  /s/ N. Beckwith, Solicitor

Aug. 1860 - The estate of Thomas Paine, deceased, in account with Cornelius Paine Administrator - The total estate was worth $473.76 with Harriet J. Paine, widow, receiving $157.92 and Ezekiel Midyett, Jr. and his wife Ann receiving $315.84.  /s/ W.W. Spencer, Clerk

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