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Rebecca O'Neal- 1867
NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.54

Dec. 27, 1867 - Thomas F. Credle, along with George V. Credle and Jeremiah R. Selby as his securities, signed an administrators bond for $1000.00 when Thomas F. Credle became special administrator on the estate of Rebecca O'Neal. /s/ Thos. F. Credle, J.R. Selby, George V. Credle

Jan. 9, 1868 - Account of Sales of the estate of Rebeca Oneal sold by Thos. F. Credle, special administrator. Various buyers were David Credle, J.C. Bishop, A. Latham, Parker Oneal, Peter Oneal & Fenner Davis. Total sale amounted to $716.74

Feb. 11, 1868 - Thomas R. Jarvis, Jeremiah R. Selby, John Conklin and Matthew B. Davis signed a bond for $2000.00 when Thomas R. Jarvis became administrator of the estate of Rebecca O'Neal. /s/ Thos R. Jarvis, John Conklin, M.B. Davis, J.R. Selby

Feb. Term 1868 - Acct. of sales returned to Court and ordered to be recorded and filed. /s/ Geo. W. Swindell, Clerk

Feb. Term 1868 - Petition of Thomas R. Jarvis states that some time about the first of January last past Thomas F. Credle was appointed special adm'r. on the estate of Rebecca ONeal who had just died intestate and that said Credle advertised and sold a part of the perishable estate and took possession of her other chattle property; that at the present term of Court petitioner has obtained letters of administration on the estate of said deceased and is entitled to the proceeds of the sale and asks that said Credle pay over to him. /s/ F.B. Satterthwaite, Sol.

no date - A true inventory of notes & accounts which came into my hands as Speical Adm'r. on Rebecca O'Neal's estate. Mostly notes against J.C. Tooley.

May Term 1868 - Inventory returned to Court by Thomas F. Credle, Special Administrator of Rebecca Oneal, deceased, and ordered to be recorded and filed.

July 26, 1868-May 1, 1872 - Thos. R. Jarvis, Adm'r., in a/c current with the estate of Rebecca O'Neal. Mentions paid $10.00 to "Dunbar" for coffin.

Spring Term 1872 - Thomas F. Credle, Special Admr'., in acct. with the estate of Rebecca O'Neal, deceased.  Balance due estate to Sept. 1, 1871 is $325.23.

May 1, 1872-Oct. 30, 1872 - Supplement Account of Thos. R. Jarvis, Adm'r., in a/c current with the estate of Rebecca O'Neal. Balance due estate was $807.06 and distributed as follows:
R.D. Harris & wife Missouri - $201.76 1/2
W.D. Credle & wife Sally Ann - $201.76 1/2
Jno. C. Tooley & wife Caroline - $201.76 1/2
T.R. Jarvis & wife Louisa E. - $201.76 1/2

Aug. 30, 1873 - T.R. Jarvis. Adm'r. of Rebecca O'Neal vs. J.C. Tooley for non-payment of the sum of $48.29.

Some persons mentioned in this estate:
    Rebecca Clark was born c1814 and died cJan. 1867.  She was first married to Joshua Mason who died about 1849.  Together they had at least 4 children: Mary J. Mason
(nothing further is known about her), Caroline E. Mason who married John C. Tooley, Sarah Ann "Sally" Mason who married William David Credle, and Louisa E. Mason who married Thomas Rodman Jarvis on Dec. 27, 1867.  Rebecca then married Ephraim O'Neal on March 19, 1851 and they had  Missouri O'Neal who married Reuben Donal Harris, Jr. on May 22, 1872.

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