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Oliver O'Neal- 1873
NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.54

no date - Ludisa O'Neal vs. Nathan B. O'Neal - The petition of dower of Ludisa O'Neal, widow of Oliver O'Neal, shows that her husband died June 24, 1873 and that Nathan B. O'Neal is the only heir-at-law and that at the time of his death he was possessed of the following tracts of land:
    1. 50 acres lying on Mount Pleasant beginning at the Gall Swamp, a line made between John O'Neal & Jos. Jennett, and running with Joshua Walls' back line, thence to Stephen Brooks' line then to the beginning, it being the land whereon the said Oliver O'Neal lived & died.
    2. 25 acres on Mount Pleasant adjoining the lands of Warren S. Midyett, Thomas P. Pugh, and others, it being the land on which Nathan B. O'Neal now lives.
    3. 25 1/2 acres of swamp land in Lightwood Creek Swamp adjoining the heirs of Ephraim O'Neal & others.
        /s/ Bonner, Atty. for Plf.

July 2, 1873 at Mount Pleasant - It is my wish and was the wish of my husband, Oliver O'Neal, that E.L. Mann be appointed adm'r. of his estate and I hereby relinquish my right in the same to him.  /s/ Loudisa ONeal.  Witnesses: Jos. ONeal, Daniel Midyett

July 10, 1873 - Edward L. Mann, being sworn, states that Oliver O'Neal is dead without leaving any will and that Loudisa O'Neal is the proper person entitled to Letters of Administration on the estate of Oliver O'Neal but she having relinquished her right of administration on the said estate in favor of E.L. Mann.  Said Mann had ascertained that the estate is about $750.00 and that Loudisa O'Neal (widow) and Nathan B. O'Neal are entitled as heirs and distributees thereof.  /s/ E.L. Mann
    Edward L. Mann along with Saml. M. Mann, his security, signed an administrators bond in the sum of $1500.00 in order that Edw. L. Mann might administer on the estate of Oliver O'Neal.  /s/ E.L. Mann, Saml. M. Mann
    "I solemnly swear that I believe Oliver O'Neal died without leaving any will and that I will well & truly administer the goods & chattles of said Oliver O'Neal."  /s/ E.L. Mann
    E.L. Mann, adm'r. of Oliver O'Neal, has license to sell the personal property of his intestate for cash.  /s/ James R. Sadler, Probate Judge

July 12, 1873 - Inventory of cash, notes and accounts belonging to the estate of Oliver O'Neal, dec'd., received by E.L. Mann, Adm'r.  Cash on hand was $117.25.  There were various notes ranging from $6.00 to $200.00.

Aug. 1, 1873 - Account of sales of the perishable property of Oliver O'Neal, dec'd., sold by E.L. Mann, Adm'r.  [This was a large sale which encompassed many pages.]  Various buyers at this sale were Foster McGowan, E.J. Lupton, Edward Gibbs, M.M. Murray, Benj. Eastwood, Edward Stanley and N.B. O'Neal who bought a Bible for $1.00 and 2 books entitled Dr. Gunn's Medical Works and The History of Indians.  Total sale amounted to $944.06.  /s/ E.L. Mann, Adm'r. of Oliver O'Neal, dec'd.

Dec. 28, 1874 - Commissioners lay off to Ludisa O'Neal, widow of Oliver O'Neal, dec'd., 1/3 of all the lands that O. O'Neal was possessed of at his death and allotted her part in the plantation on which she now lives. This allotment was 26 1/2 acres with the privilege of getting timber out of the Lightwood Creek tract to fence her land.  /s/ H. Gibbs, James A. Gibbs, David S. Gibbs, Cason Gibbs

July 12, 1873 - June 28, 1875 - E.L. Mann, Adm'r., in account current with the estate of Oliver O'Neal, dec'd.  Balance due the estate was $44.66.

Sept. 24, 1875 - E.L. Mann, adm'r. of Oliver O'Neal, states that 2 years have elapsed since he administered on the estate of said O'Neal and that there is a considerable amount of notes & accounts which he has been unable to collect and that it would be to the advantage of said estate and to the interest of all parties concerned to sell the debts in order to enable him to clear the administration of this estate.  /s/ E.L. Mann

[NOTE]  Oliver O'Neal was born c1803 & died on June 24, 1873.  He was first married to Mary Little Farrow O'Neal (1813-1836), daughter of Joshua O'Neal & Bethany Daniels.  Oliver and Mary had 1 child named Nathan Benjamin O'Neal (1832-1901).  Oliver remarried before 1850 to Susan Loudisa Paine (1823-1904) and they had no children.  According to census records Oliver was a seaman and a farmer.

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