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John O'Neal, Jr. - 1843
NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.54

Apr. 21, 1841 - One day after date I promise to pay John Midyett or order the sum of $100.00 for value received this April the 21 1841.  Witness my hand and seal.  /s/ John Oneal Jr.
    Twelve months after date I promise to pay John Midyett the sum of $100.00 with interest from the date.  This April the 21 1841.  Witness my hand and seal.  /s/ John Oneal Jr. 
[Credit to the within note $10.00 pd. on Dec. 27, 1841; pd. $61.70 on Apr. 26, 1842; pd. 13. 70 no date given]

Aug. 28, 1843 - John Midyett, along with Ana's. Sadler & Urias O. Neale as securities, signed a bond of $300.00 in order that John Midyett might administer on the estate of Jno. O. Neale Jun'r.  /s/ John Midyett, Urias ONeal, A. Sadler

Aug. Term 1843 - Dilly Oneale shows the court that her husband, John Oneale, Jun'r., died intestate sometime about the month of May in the present year and that letters of administration have been granted to John Midyett. She petitions the court for her one year's allotment.  /s/ H.B. Satterthwait, Atty. for Pet.

Sept. 28, 1843 - One year's provision allotted to Dilly O Neal, widow of John O Neal, deceased.  /s/ Daniel Midyett, Benjn. Midyett, Oliver ONeal, Commissioners

Sept. 28, 1843 - Account of Sales of property of John O Neal, Jr., dec'd., sold on 6 months credit by John Midyett, Administrator.  Various buyers included Sparrow M. Pain, Joshua White, Capt. Ben Midyett, George A. Selby.  Sale amounted to $174.13  /s/ John Midett, Adm'r.

Feb. Term 1844 - Inventory & Acct. of Sales returned into Court and ordered to be recorded.  /s/ Thos. H. Smith, Clk.

May 30, 1844 - To any lawful officer of the Court - James Adams complains that John Midyett, adm'r. of John O'Neal, Jr., deceased, justly owes him the sum of $7.08 by account and delays payment.  In the name of the State I command you to summon the said John Midyett within 30 days from the date hereof, Sunday's excepted, before me or some other Justice of this County to answer said complaint.  /s/ A. Sadler, J.P.  In this case the defendant appeared and the plaintiff failed to appear with his account.  This warrant is therefore dismissed at the plaintiff's cost.  June 12, 1844.  /s/ A. Sadler

May 30, 1844 - James Adams vs. John Midyett, adm'r. of John O'Neal, Jr., dec'd., for non-payment of $7.071/2 for nails, rum, shoes, shot & powder, tobacco, indigo & brandy.  Sheriff summons William Sadler & Matthias S. Gibbs to appear in court on the last Monday in August to testify for James Adams.

May Term 1844 - John Midyett, Adm'r. of John O'Neal, Dec'd., against Christopher, Benjamin, Oliver & Mary O'Neal, minors without guardian & heirs-at-law of John O'Neal, dec'd., petitions` the court to sell land because there was not sufficient personal assets to pay expenses & a debt due the said John Midyett of $150.00. Said tract of land lies in Hyde County and joins Thomas Midyett and the heirs of Thomas O'Neal and contains 26 acres. He also petitions the court to appoint a suitable guardian for the minors.  /s/ H.B. Satterwaite, Atty. for Petitioner

May Term 1844 - Dilly Oneale, widow of John ONeal, petitions the court for her dower in the 26 acre tract of land owned by her husband, John ONeale, dec'd., joining the lands of Daniel Midyett and the heirs of Thomas O'Neale.  /s/ H.B. Satterwaite, Atty. for Petitioner

Aug. Term 1844 - James Adams lately before the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions prosecuted a suit against John Midyett, adm'r. for John ONeale, dec'd., for  $7.071/2 with interest.  John Midyett had insufficient funds in his hands to satisfy the debt so a judgment against the real estate of the said deceased is in order.  Sheriff is to summon Benjamin ONeale, Oliver ONeale, Mary ONeale, and Christopher ONeale, heirs of the said deceased, to appear in Court on the last Monday of November 1844.  /s/ R.M.G. Moore, Clk. C.C.

Nov. Term 1845 - Feb. 6, 1846 - John Midyett, Adm'r., in acct. current with the estate of John Oneal, dec'd.  Mentions widow's provision of $99.21.  Amount due the estate $66.67.  /s/ D. Shaw, A. Sadler, D.W. Jones

Hyde Co., N.C. Deed Book 1; Pgs. 379-380
    Dixon Swindell, David S. Gibbs, James M. Watson, Augustus W. Watson, Jones Boomer, Burton H. Swindell, John Hatch, Joshua White, Daniel S. Pugh, Sparrow M. Pain, Dameron H. Pugh & William S. Douglass were appointed commissioners to lay off to Dilly O'Neal, widow of John O'Neal, dec'd., her 1/3 dower in plantation in Hyde County on Mt. Pleasant.  Beginning at Josiah White & his wife's s.w. corner of his wife's dower & running south to Daniel Midyett's line, containing 8 2/3 acres & including the dwelling house. This division was made January 18, 1845.
    /s/    Dixon Swindell
            David S. Gibbs
            Jas. M. Watson
            A.W. Watson
            Jones Boomer
            B.H. Swindell
            John Hatch
            Joshua [x] White
            Daniel S. [x] Pugh
            Sparrow M. Paine
            D.H. Pugh
            William H. Douglas

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