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G.M. [Graham Moore] O'Neal - 1885
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.509.54

Dec. 18, 1885 - Report of Commissioners in the matter of Mrs. Nancy O'Neal, widow of G.M. O'Neal, deceased.  Commissioner assigns said Nancy her 1 year's provision amounting to $252.15.  We find the number of the family, excluding herself, is four small children.  /s/ W.D. Mann, B.E. Tunnell, R.S. Burrus

Jan. 14, 1886 - Commissioners report on the dower allotted to Nancy O'Neal.

Dec. 9, 1887 - Nancy J. O'Neal vs. Cora, Addie, Lizza May & Annie O'Neal, infants.  Nancy states that she is the widow of G.M. O'Neal who died intestate about the middle of December 1885 leaving Cora, Addie, Lizza May and Annie possessed of real estate in Hyde County.  Said real estate is 4 or 5 acres in Middleton on which sits the dwelling house and one store house and ware house and one store house and ware house known as the P.P. Spencer lot upon which J.S. Northan holds a mortgage and that she is entitled to a dower in said real estate and asks the court to have commissioners appointed to lay off her dower.  /s/ Nancy J O Neal

Dec. 19, 1887 - Nancy J. O'Neal asks that the Court appoint a proper person as guardian ad litem for her 4 infant children Cora, Addie, Lizza May and Annie O'Neal.  /s/ Nancy J O Neal

Dec. 26, 1887 - Commissioners met to lay off and allot to Nancy J. O'Neal her dower and thirds in the lands of G.M. O'Neal as follows:  Beginning at the corner of the lot at J.S. Northan's store and running with said Northan's line to J.M. Hall's line, then with the said Hall line 250 feet to a post, then southwest to an old ditch to the corner of the store house lot and across the public road to the creek, thence with the creek northwardly to J.S. Northan's line, thence to the beginning.  [No acreage given]  /s/ B.B. Fulford, E.L. Mann

Jan. 3, 1888 - Notice to Joseph M. Watson, Guardian ad litem of Cora, Addie, Lizza May and Annie O'Neal, to file exceptions to dower.  Alex. Berry, CSC

Jan. 23, 1888 - Petition for dower by Nancy J. O'Neal, widow of G.M. O'Neal; her dower on land of G.M. O'Neal, dec'd., who died in the middle of December 1885 intestate, are located at J.S. Northan's store and 1 lot in Middleton known as the P.P. Spencer lot on which there is one dwelling house, store house and warehouse and 4-5 acres in which J.S. Northan holds the mortgage; Nancy J. O'Neal vs. Cora O'Neal, etal. (Addie, Lizza May & Annie O'Neal)

Dec. 19, 1888 - Joseph M. Watson appointed guardian, ad litem, for 4 children, infants

no date - Joseph M. Watson answers as guardian ad litem and states that the facts are true and he has no exceptions to the dower.  /s/ Joseph M. Watson

[NOTE]  Graham Moore O'Neal was born c1857 and died in Dec. 1885.  He married Nancy J. Jennette (1851-1927) on Jan. 10, 1877.  They had 4 children:
    1) Cora Lee O'Neal was born Mar. 9, 1878 & died Jan. 19, 1945.  She married David Farrow O'Neal, Sr. on July 30, 1899.  David & Cora are both buried at Poplar Branch Baptist Church Cemetery in Currituck Co., NC.
    2) Addie Jane O'Neal was born Nov. 15, 1880 & died Apr. 27, 1939.  She married Garland Theodore Spencer on Jan. 16, 1901.
    3) Lizzie May O'Neal was born Aug. 6, 1882 & died Feb. 13, 1948.  She married James M. Gibbs on Jan. 24, 1900.  James & Lizzie are both buried in New Hollywood Cemetery in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank Co., NC
    4) Annie O'Neal was born c1884.

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