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Devotion O'Neal- 1838
NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.54

Jan. 17, 1838 - This day convened at the Clerk's Office of Hyde County Ananias Sadler, Caleb Spencer and Daniel Shaw which constituted a Special Court for the purpose of granting Israel Brooks Special Administrator on the estate of Devotion ONeal, dec'd.  It is ordered that Israel Brooks sell on a credit of 6 months as much of the crop, stock & provisions on hand as he man deem advisable having regard to the widows right as provided by law, taking bond with good security.  /s/ Caleb Spencer, D. Shaw, A. Sadler

Jan. 17, 1838 - Israel Brooks & Riley Murray sign a bond for $500.00.  Israel is appointed special administrator to the estate of Devotion ONeal.  /s/ Israel Brooks; Riley Murray

Feb. Session 1838 - Petitioner Emeline ONeal shows that her late husband Devotion ONeal died intestate in Hyde County and that Israel Brooks administrated on his estate but no provision has been made for the support of herself & family.  She asks for her one years provision.  /s/ Emelin ONeal by Israel Brooks

Feb, 1838 - Ananias Sadler, JP, Robert Jennett, Geo, H. Sheldon and Caleb Spencer are appointed to lay off one years provision for Emeline ONeal, widow of Devotion ONeal

Mar. 24, 1838 - One years provision laid off for Emeline ONeal  /s/ Robt. Jennett, G.H. Sheldon, Caleb Spencer, Commissioners

Mar. 24, 1838 - Acct. of Sales of the property of Devotion ONeal, dec'd., sold by Israel Brooks, Adm'r.  Various buyers were Nancy Mason, John ONeal, Selah Pugh, Oliver Gibbs, Jordan Hambleton, Jesse D. Young, & Benejah W. Midyett.  Total sale amounted to $29. 16.  /s/ Israel Brooks, Administrator

May Term 1838 - Acct. of Sales returned to Court by Isl. Brooks, Adm'r., and ordered to be recorded.

Nov. Term 1841 - Israel Brooks, Adm'r., in account current with the estate of Devotion ONeal, dec'd.

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