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Christopher O'Neal- 1835
NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.54

Sept. 22, 1835 - Oliver O'Neal, special administrator, signs a bond for $600.00.  /s/ Oliver ONeal.  Also ordered that said Oliver O'Neal shall sell all the perishable estate of Christopher O'Neal, dec'd., on a credit of 6 months

Nov. Term 1835 - Inventory & Acct. of Sales returned to Court by Oliver O'Neal, Special Adm'r.  Cash on hand $8.25.  One note against Nathan ONeal for $5.57.

Dec. 1, 1835 - Oliver ONeal signs a bond for $1000.00 along with Daniel Murray and Ephraim ONeal as his securities.

May 1, 1836 - John O'Neal, administrator, signs a bond for $200.00 along with Israel Brooks & Dixon Swindell

June 21, 1836 - Account of Sales of Christopher D. O'Neal sold by John O'Neal, adm'r.  Various buyers were George Pugh, Wm. Brooks, Sparrow M. Paine, Benajah W. Midyett, Wm. Carrowan, Benjamin Hall and Neriah White

Aug. Term 1836 - Inventory & Account of Sales returned into Court by Jno. O'Neal, Adm'r.  /s/ Riley Murray. Clk.

Nov. 29, 1837 - Oliver O'Neal, Adm'r., in account current with the estate of Christopher O'Neal, dec'd.  Balance due estate of $435.20.

no date - Inventory & account of Sales of the estate of Christopher O'Neal, dec'd., sold by the administrator [not named] on six months credit.  At least 5 pages (some appear to be missing) of items.  Various buyers were Nathan O'Neal, Joseph Pugh, Sarah Midyett, Thomas O'Neal, Oliver O'Neal, Banister Midyett, Christopher Flowers, Enoch Miller, Cornelius Paine, John Barns,  & Richard Gray.

[I'm not sure if this is two separate estates or one.  All pages were lumped together but some pages indicate the name as "Christopher O'Neal" while others indicate the name as "Christopher D. O'Neal".  Also there were 2 different administrators.  The "special adm'r., Oliver O'Neal, seemed to be handling the Christopher O'Neal estate while John O'Neal appeared to be handling the Christopher D. O'Neal estate.]

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