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Sparrow Midyett - 1837
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.52

Feb. Term 1837 - Petition of Rachael Midyett humbly complaining sheweth to the court that her late husband, Sparrow Midyett is dead, intestate and letters of administration on his estate have been granted at the present term of your court to B.S. Midyett.  Your petitioner further shows to the court that said S. Midyett left your petitioner his widow him surviving and that Jno. P. Midyett and William S. Midyett, his children him surviving.  Your petitioner prays the court to appoint one justice of the peace and three freeholders to view the estate of her late husband and to lay off to her and her family one year's support for herself & her family out of the stock, crop & provisions left by her late husband for her & her family and one bed & its napery, furniture, one wheel & one pair of cards of such things be among her late husbands effects, & that they make return under their hands & seals of their acts & doings in the premises to the next term of this court & that you will make such other & further orders in the _______ as __ ______ of your petitioners can ____ from time to time ________.  /s/ Darrow, Sol. for pet'r.

Mar. 2, 1837 - Pursuant to an order of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions February term 1837 to us John J. Fulford, J.P, and Robbert Jennet & James McCloud, Ananias Sadler directed to a lot and set off to Rachel Midyett, widow of Sparrow Midyett, dec'd., out of the crop, stock and provisions of the estate of the said dec'd., one year's provisions for said widow and her family. We aforesaid commissioners after being sworn have proceeded in manner as follows, viz:

Articles on hand  Articles not on hand
20 Bbls. Corn $ 80.00 2 Bbls. Flour  $24.00
471 Lbs. Pork & Bacon    70.65 129 Lbs. Pork    19.35
30 Lbs. Lard      4.50 40 Lbs. Coffee      7.00
1 Sow & 4 Pigs      5.00 50 Lbs. Sugar      6.25
All the poultry      5.00 2 Gal. Molasses      1.20
20 Lbs. Flax      2.00 5 Bushels Youpon      1.25
    2 Bushels Salt      1.60
    1 Lb. Pepper & Spice each        .50
    5 Lb. loaf Sugar / 10 Lb.  Soap      2.00
Total $167.15 Total  $64.15

And find a balance due said widow for the want of articles on hand to the amount of sixty four dollars and 15/100 which said sum we have set off to be paid in money by the adm'r. out of the estate of the aforesaid Sparrow Midyett, dec'd. Also agreeable to aforesaid order we have set off one bed and its napery, furniture, one wheel and one pair of cards. given under our hands and seals this 2 day of March 1837.
    /s/John J. Fulford, J.P.
        Robt. Jennett, Com.
        A. Sadler, Com.

Mar. 22, 1838 - Jonah V. Blackwell, lately of our Court of Pleas And Quarter Sessions, held for the county of Hyde recovered against Benj. S. Midyett, adm'r. of Sparrow Midyett the sum of $71.54 int. from the 2nd December 1837 for debt & int. and also the sum of three dollars 85/100 adjudged and taxed for costs and charges in said suit expended, whereof the said Benj. S. Midyett, adm'r. Of Sparrow Midyett, is convicted and liable as appears to us of record: and whereas it was shown by the said Benj. S. Midyett in the said cause, that he had fully administered, so that execution of the said debt int. and costs cannot be had against the personal estate of the said Sparrow Midyett and whereas the said Jonah V. Blackwell has suggested to us that the said Sparrow Midyett died seized and possessed of a large real estate, sufficient to satisfy said debt interest and costs which has descended to Benj. S. Midyett, Benajah W. Midyett, Stephen D. Midyett, Sylvester M. Midyett, Gideon Midyett, Little J.P. Midyett, Benj. D. Pugh & wife Celia Pugh, and Jones Spencer & wife Ann Spencer, heirs at law of said Sparrow Midyett and the said plaintiff having solicited some fit remedy in this behalf, and we willing what is right should be done, command you that you make known to the said Benj., Benajah, Stephen, Sylvester, & Gideon Midyett, Little J.P. Midyett, Benj. D, Midyett and wife Celia Midyett and Jones Spencer & wife Ann Spencer to appear before the Worshipful the justices of the said court, at the court to be held for Hyde County, at the court house in Hyde County on the last Monday of May next, to shew cause, if any they have wheretofore the said J.V. Blackwell should not have execution to the aforesaid debt int. and costs against the aforesaid real estate.
    /s/ R.M.G. Moore, Clerk
    Iss: 22nd March 1838

[Hyde Co., N.C. Deed Book 4; Pgs. 270-271] -  Durant M. Midyett of Hyde County, sold to Thomas Jarvis of Hyde County, for $500.00, a tract of land "...which I received from my grandfather Sparrow Midyett lying in Hyde County on the N. side of Mattamuskeet Lake & adjoining Andrew Shanklin's land on the W. and Henderson Ballance on the east, containing 42 3/4 acres (viz) 32 1/2 acres given to me & 10 1/4 acres which I heired by the death of my brother Samuel S. Midyett all of the same tract whereon I am now living..." This indenture was made in August 1852.
    /s/ D.M. Midyett
        Wit: W.H. Buffalow
                Benajah W. Midyett

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