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Samuel Midyett- 1821
NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.52

Mar. 19, 1821 - In obedience to a Commission to us Directed from the County Court of Hyde Feb. Term 1821, we have this day proceeded to set off to Lurana Midyett, widow of Samuel Midyett, Decd,  and family such part of the crop Stock and provisions as will be Sufficient for their Maintenance and Support for one year (viz) 30 barrels of corn, 10 bushels of wheat, all the meal & flour now on hand, one barrel of pork, 542 pounds bacon, what lard on hand, 2 cows & 1 yearling, all the poultry, what tallow and candles on hand.  Done at Far Creek.  /s/ David Carter, Chr. Gaskins, Robert [his x mark] Henry, Caleb Spencer

Sept. 10, 1823 - In obedience to a Commission to us Directed from the County Court of Hyde August Term 1823. We have proceeded to value and divide the negroes falling to Eliza Mydyett and Thomas Mydyett from the estate of their father, Saml Mydyett, decd, and make report which is in the following manner--(viz)
    No. 1 Negro Sall valued $275.00 drawn for Eliza Midyett
    No. 2 Negro Rebekah valued 250.00 drawn for Tho. Midyett
Therefore $262.50 being ones share.  Eliza Midyett has to pay to Thomas Midyett twelve dollars & fifty cents.
/s/ David Carter, David Gibbs

Records pertinent to this estate --
Hyde Co., NC Will Book 3; pgs. 112 & 182
    May Court 1804 - Guardian's Account of Luranah Gibbs, orphan of Robt. Gibbs, Jr., in account with her guardian, Thomas Spencer.
    Feb. Court 1806 - Guardian's Account of Luranah Gibbs, orphan of Robt. Gibbs Jr., dec'd., in account with her guardian, Thomas Spencer.

Hyde Co., NC Deed Book P; pgs. 19-21
The division of land belonging to Robert Gibbs, Sr., dec'd, was made Sept. 10, 1812 & returned to Court Feb. 1813 & registered May 15, 1813.
Lot #1--To Benjamin Midyett beginning at the n.w. corner formerly between William Gibbs, Sr. & his brother, Robert Gibbs, Sr., and joining Far Creek & the gut (the acreage has been torn from the page), valued at $770.00.
Lot #2--To Samuel Midyett containing 501/2 acres valued at  $550.00
Lot #3--To Nancy Gibbs containing 501/2 acres valued at $610.00

Hyde Co., NC Deed Book P; pgs. 124-125
Samuel Midyett & his wife Luranah of Hyde County, sold to Benjamin Midyett of Tyrrell County, for $640.00, a tract of land in Hyde County on Mattamuskeet on the south side of Far Creek & west side of the main road leading from Far Creek to Middle Creek...."it being Lot #2 which fell to Samuel Midyett & wife at the division of the lands of Robert Gibbs, the third, the father of Luranah Midyett...." containing 50 1/2 acres.  This indenture was made Aug. 23, 1813.  Registered: Jan. 16, 1814.
Wit: Samuel Spencer                                        /s/ Samuel Midyett
        Benjamin Saunderson                               /s/ Luranah [x] Midyett

Hyde Co., NC Deed Book R; Pg. 287
Benjamin Midyett & his wife Susannah Midyett of Tyrrell County, NC, sold to Samuel Midyett of Hyde County, for $1000.00, a tract of land in Hyde County on the S. side of Far Creek whereon Samuel Midyett now lives beginning at the division line between the said Samuel Midyett & his wife Luranah & Benjamin Midyett and his wife Susannah & running to Christopher Spencer's, thence to Anson Gibbs, thence to Zachariah Gibbs, Jr., thence to the division line between Robert Gibbs, dec'd., & his brother, William Gibbs, dec'd., thence to the main road & Thomas Saunders, thence to David Rascoe, dec'd., thence tot Stephen Fletcher, dec'd., containing 51 acres.  This indenture was made Aug. 25, 1817.
Wit: Benjamin Saunderson                               /s/ Benjamin Midyett
        George Neale                                            /s/ Susanna [x] Midyett

Hyde Co., NC County Court Minutes (1820-1844) Microfim C.053.30003
February Term 1821

    Administration of the estate of Saml Midyett be granted to Benjn Saunderson.  Ordered that Christopher Gaskins, Caleb Spencer, Robert Henry & David Carter set off to Luranah Midyett, widow of Saml Midyett, one year's provision.
    Ordered that Benj. Saunderson, Adm'r of the estate of Saml Midyett, have leave to sell a Negro man named Sam on a credit of 6 months in order to pay the debts.
November Term 1821
    Ordered that John Jennett, David Carter, Sr. and Christopher Gaskins be appointed to value & set off to Hutchens Cahoon his legacy of Negroes which he inherited by his wife out of the estate of Saml Midyett, dec'd.
    Ordered that Hutchens Cahoon be be appointed guardian to Eliza & Thomas Midyett by giving bond of 1000 pounds each.
May Term 1823
    Ordered to audit the guardian accounts between Hutchen Cahoon & Eliza & Thomas Midyett, wards, and make report to next court.
August Term 1823
    Ordered that Hutchens Cahoon have administration on the estate of Thomas Midyett, minor who is deceased, by giving 500 pound bond.
    Commissioners appointed to divided & sell Negros between Eliza Midyett & Hutchens Cahoon, adm'r. of Thomas Midyett.
    Hutchens Cahoon returned to Court an audited account between himself and his wards, Eliza & Thomas Midyett.

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