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Joseph Midyett - 1867
NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.51

June 1, 1867 - Pursuant to an order of Court at May Term 1867 commissioners met at the residence of Polly Midyett, widow of Jos. Midyett, dec'd., and laid off her one year's provision for herself and her family.  /s/ Geo. S. Credle, L.S. Midyett, Thos. M. Davis

[NOTE]  Joseph Daniel Midyett was born May 1, 1808 & died Dec. 11, 1867.   He married Polly Ann Cutrell in Hyde Co. on July 17, 1851 and they had the following children:
1) Thomas Midyett - born Sept. 1852 & dead by 1910.  He married Eliza Jane Davidson in Hyde Co. on Feb. 24, 1875.
2) Joseph Henry Midyett - born May 1855 & died Jan. 21, 1940.  He married 1st Keziah Jane Cutrell in 1881 and 2nd Arabelle Lewis in 1905.
3) William Carter Midyett - born Sept. 8, 1856 & died May 2, 1921.  He married 1st Nancy Jacqualine Cutrell in 1882 and 2nd Cora Ella Jones Fletcher in 1913.
4) Daniel Murray Midyett - born Sept. 8, 1857 & died June 28, 1916.  He married Brittany Anne Francis in 1882.
5) Edward Blackwell Midyett - born July 1861 & died after 1900.  He married Polly Anne Midyett on Mar. 1, 1881.

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