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Jethro A. Midyett - 1867
NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.51

Feb. Term 1867 - Petition of Bethana Midyett, widow of Jethro A. Midyett, states that sometime in the month of March Jethro A. Midyett died intestate seized and possessed of the following lands, viz: 50 acres on Chickamacomico Banks adjoining Wm. Paine on the North and Jno. A. Midyett on the South and that by his death the said lands descended to Mariah, wife of Joseph E. Jennett and Erasmus S. Midyett.  She asks for her 1/3 dower in said lands.  /s/ F.B. Satterthwaite, Solicitor

Aug. 12, 1867 - Ezekiel Midyett, along with Will J. Smith & Dameron H. Pugh, signed an administrator's bond for $900.00 whereon Ezekiel Midyett became the adm'r. of the estate of Jethro A. Midyett.  /s/ Ezekie Midyett, W.J. Smith, D.H. Pugh

no date but apparently after June 1873 - Erasmus S. Midyett vs. E.L. Mann, Adm'r. of Oliver O'Neal, dec'd., petitions for settlement of Guardian Account.  Petitioner states that Oliver O'Neal died on June 24, 1873 and as his legal guardian he had in his possession certain funds belonging to him; that E.L. Mann took out Letters of Administration on the estate of said Oliver O'Neal and now has in his possession funds belonging to petitioner.  Petitioner is desirous of having a settlement of the same.  /s/ Barrow, Atty.

[NOTE]  Jethro Anderson Midyett was born Feb. 1, 1820 and died Mar. 3, 1866.  He married Bethany A. O'Neal (1824-1902) and they had 2 children:
    1) Maria Ann Midyett (1846-1925) who married 1st Joseph Edward Jennette and 2nd Christopher W. O'Neal.
    2) Erasmus Scarborough Midyett (1851-1926) who married Matilda Anne O'Neal

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