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Jesse Midyett- 1806
June 6, 1806 - Aug. Term 1806
Will: NC Archives, Hyde Co. Wills 1760-1906; CR.053.801.14
Estate: NC Archives, Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.41

State of North Carolina Hyde County
    This i make my last will and testament first i give unto my wife Sarah the house and land where on i now live during her life or widowhood allsoe one feether bead and one chest the choice of them allsoe two spinning wheals and all the potiron one cow and yearling and a twoyear old heifer and all the hogs that i possess

itam i give unto my son mycajah sixty acres of land lying at mount pleasant joyning william brooks and banister midyetts one mare and Colt that he now Claims the land whereon i now live and after the decease of my wife to belong to my two sons, asia and josiah

itam i give unto my daughter selah one bead and furniture one chest and a wheal formerly cald hers one Cow and Calf formerly

itam i give unto my daughter anna one Cow and Calf one bed and furniture

itam i give unto my daughter esther one Cow and Calf

and all the rest of my propurty without dores and within to be sold to raise and school my children on and i leave my father Christopher midyett and my wife my [tear] and sole Executors to this my last will and testament june the 6 1806
Green Carrowan                                                             /s/Jesse Midyett     Seal
Josiah Jarvis

Hyde County August Term, 1806 - The due execution of this last will and testament of Jesse Midyett, decd, was Exhibited into Court and proved by the oath of Green Carrowon, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto ordered to be recorded.
Attest: B. Foreman, Clerk
Recorded In Book 6; Page 210


Aug. 25, 1806 - A just and true inventory of the property of Jesse Midyett, decedant.
1 negro woman; 1 set of blacksmith's tools; 1 set of carpenter tools; 2 head horses; 9 head cattle; 11 head of hogs; some sheep; 1 cart and hames; 1 plough; 1 lot of olde iron; 4 beds and furniture; 4 chest; 2 cases; 3 tables; 1 desk; 1 trunk; some corn; some wheat; some salt; some barrels; 1 honey tub; 5 washing tubs; 1 hogshead; 3 pots; 3 kettles; 1 dutch oven; 1 frying pan; 2 skillets; 1 lot puter; 1 lot earthenware; some glass; 1 whipsaw; 1 cross cut saw; 1 grindstone; 1 stack of bees; 1 flax brake; some boat framing; 1 hand mill; 1 coffee mill; 1 loom; some stone and earthen jugs; 1 pot; 3 stone fat pots; 1 pair firedogs; 1 pair sad irons; 1 base iron; some shoe maker's tools; 2 woolen wheels; 3 linen wheels; 6 stools; 12 flag bottom chairs; some planks; 2 pair shot molds; 1 brush; 2 slates; 1 bung boarer; 1 brass cask; 2 pair fire tongs; 1 shovel; 1 pair hand bellows; 2 pair steelyards; 3 muskets; 1 curricomb; 1 pair sugar tongs; 2 pair snuffers; 1 stea___; 2 brass candle sticks; 1 funnel; 1 coffeepot; 1 looking glass; some vials; 11 slays (sleighs); 1 lot books; 7 pair gears; 1 lot of wool; part two sides leather; 2 stone pitchers; 1 stack locks; 2 stick baskets; 1 stone pot; 1 tin bason port; 2 cases knives & forks; 1 meal sifter; 6 hoes; 3 bread trays; 2 small wooden stands; 1 saddle and bridle; 3 pails; 1 piggin; 1 drum net; 2 sugar boxes; 5 dollars in cash; some book __________; 1 note to the amount seventeen dollars 59 cents; 1 witness certificate 14s 4d; 1 case _______; 1 lot faile?; 1 pan; 1 sheep shears; 1 drip stone and a number of other things too tedious to mention.

Sept. 12, 1806 - An account of sales of the property of Jesse Midyet, deceased, sold by Sally Midyett, Exer.  Various buyers were: Samuel Bell, David Jarvis, Nathaniel Tuley, Sr., Levy Midyett. Joseph Credle, Thomas Foddreay, Archabald Hutson, Isaac Sirman. Adams Lacy, Benjamin Gaskill, Christopher Midyett

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