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B.F. Midyette [Benjamin Franklin Sr.] - 1906
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.50

Mar. 1, 1906 - J.M. Hall states that B.F. Midyette [Sr.], late of Hyde County, is dead without leaving any will or testament and that he is the proper person entitled to Letters of Administration on the estate which is valued at about $1260.00 and that the following persons are entitled as heirs and distributees thereof:
1) Annie Midyette
2) James Midyette
3) Frank Midyette
4) Clyde Midyette
[female in census records]
5) Guy Midyette
6) Emma Swindell
    /s/ J.M. Hall

[NOTE]  Benjamin Franklin Midyette, Sr. was born July 2, 1867 & died Feb. 24, 1906.  He married Lennie L. Freeman (1867-1905) on Feb. 27, 1887 and they had 6 children:
    1) Annie Laura Midyette was born Feb. 22, 1888 & died Aug. 24, 1981.  She married Thomas Boyd Swindell (1882-1965) on Mar. 7, 1906.
    2) James Robert Midyette was born Sept. 10, 1891
[census says Dec. 1889] & died Jan. 17, 1957.  He married 1st Jennie Sallie Gibbs (1891-1918) on Dec. 25, 1909 and 2nd Hattie Lee Gibbs (1898-1993) on Jan. 7, 1920.  Hattie was Jennie's sister, both daughters of Thomas Ruffin Gibbs and Hettie Helen Rose.
    3) Clydia Midyette was born Feb. 1893
[nothing else known about her]
    4) Benjamin Franklin Midyette, Jr. was born Aug. 5, 1893
[census states Aug. 1891] & died Mar. 9, 1963.  He married Georgia A. Ballance (1896-1974) on Jan. 7, 1914.
    5) Guy Midyette was born Sept. 1894
[nothing else known about him]
    6) Emma Midyette was born Sept. 1896 & died in Belhaven, Beaufort Co., NC on Mar. 29, 1921.  She married Richard Winfield (1886-1921).

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